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During the bushfire season timely and accurate advice and warnings are important to keep you safe.
21st March 2019

The CFS keeps our community safe by using a variety of modern notification systems to ensure you are well informed as well as response systems to ensure fire-fighters have all the information they need when responding to an incident. 

In the past sirens were used to call fire-fighters to stations at a time when modern technology was not available. The sirens only provided an indication that something was happening but gave no further information on exactly what was happening or where it was happening. 

Today the CFS has a much more modern approach to contacting fire-fighters they use notifications systems such as paging and SMS which provide not only an alert but also detailed information such as location and incident type. 

The CFS does not support sirens being reintroduced in our community as there are now more appropriate and informative methods to ensure residents are aware of bushfires. To make sure residents are fully informed the CFS uses a variety of modern notification systems. Information about bushfires are now broadcast over the radio, posted and updated in real time on the CFS website as well as information to twitter, Facebook and email subscribers. 

In South Australia we also subscribe to the National Warnings and Alert Systems which include a staged approach to warning the community on the radio, CFS website as well as SMS messages or voice messages to those in an area likely to be impacted by a bushfire. 

The most effective way for community members to stay safe is to remain aware of their situation including listening to a radio and checking the CFS website at regular intervals. 

Most importantly every household must have a written and practice Bushfire Action Plan. If you would like assistance in preparing a Plan contact the CFS or visit their website 

For information and advice on protecting your property from bushfire, call Mitcham Bushfire Prevention Officer Anthony Anderson on 8372 8133.