Back in Business, but Relief Welcome

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Back in Business, but Relief Welcome

Beauty on the Move owner Samantha Doherty has welcomed City of Mitcham’s decision to waive rent for business forced to close due to COVID-19.

Samantha had to shut the doors to the Winston Avenue business she established 17 years ago in line with government directives in March and is looking forward to re-opening on 8 June.

During the shutdown, she paid four casual employee wages out of her own pocket for six weeks ahead of ‘Jobkeeper’ payment support.

“I was so lucky that I had some savings set aside, but it has been horrendous,” she said. “In all my years of business I have never faced anything like this.”

Under Stage 2 restrictions, she had been unable to offer beauty salon services in the shopfront or as a mobile service.

To prepare for re-opening, she has invested in a range of extra health and hygiene equipment including plastic barriers, disposable items and sanitiser – an added cost to her business.

“The support from the Council is really welcome and we hope everyone in Mitcham ‘shops local’ when everyone opens their doors again.”

Samantha said support from her customers during the shutdown had been ‘amazing’.

“I’ve had people calling me every day, leaving messages, and people are booking ahead online for our opening weeks,” she said. “But it’s been so hard, to walk away from a business you’ve worked so hard to build.”