Blackwood Writers Group Seeks New Members

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Blackwood Writers Group Seeks New Members

Have you always wanted to write a novel, but don’t know where to start? The Blackwood Writers Group are looking for new members.

Founded 23 years ago, the group comes together each Monday night from 7pm to 10pm to encourage and learn from one another.

Under COVID-19 restrictions the group has continued to meet online. During the meetings, members’ articles or works of up to 2,500 words are discussed in small groups.

Group member Kon, who joined 22 years ago, said the group welcomed all ages and was committed to all types of creative written expression, from sci-fi and fantasy to horror and more.

“We are keen to help and foster any writers,” he said. “If you have a story, novel or autobiography inside you, and you want to let it out into the sunshine to play, send an email to Kon at”