Community Shed Busy with Home Projects

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Community Shed Busy with Home Projects

Members of the Mitcham Community Shed used technology to keep in touch and share their home projects during the COVID-19 shutdown.

The Shed was one of many Council-owned buildings forced to close in March under State and Federal directives and re-opened last month.

During the shutdown, the Shed Facilitator started a weekly email to members and volunteers and discovered members were keen to stay in touch. An email went out to seek permission from those willing to share email addresses with one another.

In following weeks members shared photos of projects they were working on at home, from a new chicken run, wooden gates and door stops to carved bowls and spinning top.

Another member who used the Mitcham Library for internet access took up a friend’s offer to use his internet until the library re-opened.

Projects included:

  • Nick, the shed’s ‘resident’ musical instrument maker, reached out for help illustrating his guitar before fitting the soundboard.
  • Peter and his wife created ‘fence art’ using old rusted files that once belonged to her father as a memorial in the garden.
  • Ian used his down time to repair the end of one of his facia boards which had begun to disintegrate with dry-rot.
  • Phil shared a photo of himself with a ute load of sawn firewood, saying his was “practicing his finer woodwork skills”.
  • Peter re-purposed an old drill bit to break up clay below the topsoil in his garden, built a garden bed frame, garden gate and chicken run doorway – and shared an image of his resident koala.

The Mitcham Community Shed re-opened in a limited capacity last month at Mitcham Cultural Village. To find out more or join the Shed, call 8372 8265 or visit