COVID-19 Clean-up Tips

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COVID-19 Clean-up Tips

As more people stay at home and ‘declutter’, we are seeing more illegal dumping on a streets and outside charity shops.

Leaving rubbish on the footpath, in a carpark or at a reserve for Council to clean up ultimately costs ratepayers through increased rates.

Charities are forced to redirect funds that should be used to help the community to pay for the disposal of unsuitable donations.

Dumped materials harm the local environment through damaging vegetation and leaching hazardous materials into soil and waterways.

Council is also finding more domestic waste dumped in or next to our public bins. If you have rubbish and see a public bin overflowing, please take it home and dispose of it in your kerbside bin. Rubbish placed next to a bin is still illegal dumping.

There are still many ways to dispose of waste responsibly, including:

Hard Waste Collection

Items such as whitegoods, timber off cuts, rainwater tanks, furniture and more can be put out for hard rubbish collection. The City of Mitcham provides one free pre-booked hard rubbish collection service for each household per financial year. To book your hard waste collection call 8347 5111, visit or email

Electronic Waste

Products with a power cord or battery that have reached the end of their useful life including TVs, computers and toasters can be taken to an ‘Unplug and Drop’ site. Find out where your closest site is at

Hazardous Waste

Paints, tyres, motor oil and a variety of other items can be taken to your local waste transfer station.  Please contact your local waste transfer station to ensure they accept your materials. Fees may apply.

Clothing in Good condition, Bric-a-brac and Books

Call first to find out whether your charity shop is taking donations during designated hours. If not, give away, sell or trade through online marketplaces or hold on to those items for when they do reopen. Clothing, shoes and handbags can also be donated through the SCR Group. Visit to find out your closest SCR hub. Please do not leave anything at clothing drop-off hubs or at charity stores if they are not accepting donations.

For more options to help find the right way to dispose of your items visit or watch our waste video at