Delivering better education opportunities

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Delivering better education opportunities

Parents and students of Springbank Secondary College have welcomed news their school will remain open and receive a $10m upgrade.

The College, formerly Pasadena High School, will now be unzoned to provide an option for students who benefit from a more specialised, smaller school environment.

The Unley High School zone has been expanded to include the Springbank zone, providing certainty for parents previously zoned to Springbank who opt for a larger school with broader choices.

City of Mitcham Mayor Dr Heather Holmes-Ross said the Council wrote to the State Government in support of keeping the school open.

“We’re really pleased with the outcome and see this a win-win for the community, for school families and families who were seeking zone changes,” she said.

Parent Dominic Mittiga, whose son is on the autism spectrum, said many parents and students had worked hard to keep the school open.

“It’s a great outcome especially for the kids,” he said. “We’ve tried a lot of schools for our son and he just loves it here.”