Dog and Cat Registration Due Next Month

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Dog and Cat Registration Due Next Month

Dog and cat registration renewal notices for the 2020/21 year will be issued in early July.

Each pet owner will be issued a notice that contains a renewal code for your pet/s’ registration. Renewal notices will be issued as per your chosen method of contact in Dogs and Cat Online (DACO): either by post, email or text. Please look out for these notices as you will need the renewal code to register online.

Pet owners simply register or renew their dog or cat’s registration on the DACO website at

DACO is a centralised database which combines South Australia’s 68 council animal databases into one catalogue to manage pet registration, microchip details and breeder and seller information.

While renewing registration, it’s a good time to check that details such as your address and contact information are up to date in the DACO system.

Up-to-date information ensures you can be contacted, and your pet can be returned to your property if they go missing.

Legally, every dog and cat over the age of three months must be registered. Those who do not register or renew their animal’s registration are not only compromising the safety of their pet but will also risk receiving a fine.