Dog and cat registrations now due

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Dog and cat registrations now due

Animal registrations are managed by Dogs and Cats Online, and renewal notices were sent out in July with payment due by 31 August. Fines and fees may apply for animals that are unregistered or registered late.

Your renewal code will have been sent to you in July of each year by whatever you've indicated as your preferred contact method. If you haven’t received your renewal notice, please update your details in your DACO account to ensure that you receive your renewal code.

Registration fees are charged with discounts available for desexed and microchipped dogs and concession holders. It is compulsory to register your dog and failure to comply can incur a $170 fine for every 14 days that your dog remains unregistered.

Registration fees enable Council to:

  • Provide an identification process for all dogs which allows lost or injured dogs to be reunited with their owners
  • Provide funding in support of pounds and shelters
  • Effectively enforce dog control legislation, control and reduce dog problems for the community by investigating barking dog complaints and dog attack complaints
  • Provide resources to develop dog management programs and to support legislation
  • Provide dog parks such as the CC Hood Dedicated Dog Park at Eliza Place, Panorama, which is a purpose-built dedicated dog park enclosed by a 1.5 metre fence to allow dogs to be exercised freely off the leash in a safe environment under effective control. The park includes shelters, bench seating, water dispensers, rubbish bins, poo bag dispensers and play equipment for dogs including rails, posts and pipes.

Dogs and Cats Online is a one-stop online service for all annual registration payments as well as dog and cat microchipping, desexing and breeder details. You can even upload a picture of your dog or cat, which will be helpful if your pet becomes lost.

To register your dog and cat visit Dogs and Cats Online