LED Building Upgrades

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LED Building Upgrades

An LED lighting upgrade at Council’s Civic Centre and Melrose Park Depot is set to save over $307,000 over 10 years, modelling shows.

Installed in May 2020, the project cost $50,780 and was undertaken by Trade Services South Australia (TSSA).

The project has also eliminated 860 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over 10 years, responding to Council’s recent Climate Emergency Declaration and its pledge to join the Cities Power Partnership.

As part of the upgrade, 1,676 lights were replaced with LED lights that are approximately 85 per cent more efficient.

The upgrade has already received great feedback and will result in reduced maintenance costs and improved lighting levels.

Thanks to a State Government Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) grant, the return on investment of the upgrade is projected to be 1.6 years.