Local businesses embrace Plastic Free July

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Local businesses embrace Plastic Free July

City of Mitcham businesses have embraced this year’s Plastic Free July campaign which aims to encourage the community to reduce their intake of single use plastics.

The Source Bulk Foods owner Marie Razum said her business took part in the campaign each year because it was a good opportunity to promote the many ways people can embrace plastic-free shopping and living.

“It’s a good way to encourage people to try to start out small and go from there, or to energise those already working to reduce their plastic use in everyday life,” she said.

Ms Razum said like many, she was disappointed by the increase in disposable coffee cup and sanitary mask waste due to COVID-19 this year, but was heartened to see more people reflecting on and making changes to their shopping habits.

The Source at Mitcham stocks a range of food as well as shampoo and conditioner and cleaning products in bulk and encourages people to bring in their own containers or use paper bags to reduce plastic intake.

Ecolateral at Blackwood is another bulk goods store that also stocks a range of products made from recycled, sustainable and compostable materials, is running a social media campaign and competitions to encourage people to participate in Plastic Free July.

“We try to encourage people with ideas on how they can swap plastic for natural alternatives,” owner Jamie Stott said. “It can be overwhelming for some people but once you get started it’s amazing how easy it is to make some changes.”

City of Mitcham is a proud Plastic Free July Council Challenge member. Find out more and take the Challenge here.