Solar to cut emissions and costs

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Solar to cut emissions and costs

City of Mitcham has installed 82.5 kilowatts of solar photovoltaics at its Mitcham Memorial Library, Melrose Park Depot, Mitcham Community Centre and Cumberland Park Community Centre at a cost of $73,000.

The project is set to save Council $372,000 and reduce Council’s greenhouse gas emissions by 560 tonnes over 10 years.

Another outcome is that both new and older solar photovoltaic systems will link to ‘solar analytics’, allowing Council to better monitor and maintain the assets into the future.

Mayor Dr Heather Holmes-Ross said she strongly endorsed the upgrades that were completed in July.

“I am excited to see these projects come to fruition. I believe we have saved money and shown strong leadership on tackling climate change. The installations demonstrate how Council has responded quickly and positively to the recent climate change emergency declaration as well as our commitment to the Cities Power Partnership.”