Springbank Road to Nature Play

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Springbank Road to Nature Play

Timber removed during the upgrade of the Goodwood Road and Springbank Road intersection will be recycled into natural play spaces at City of Mitcham parks and reserves.

Two trees were removed as part of Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) works in July to make way for the widened intersection.

During consultation with DPTI, City of Mitcham put in a request to salvage the trees and recycle the logs and timber in landscaping, particularly play spaces.

City of Mitcham Mayor Dr Heather Holmes-Ross said some of the timber would form a nature play element as part of an upgrade at Barrans Reserve in Lower Mitcham and a playground renewal at Hewett Oval. Council will seek feedback from the community on these upgrades in coming months.

“It is always disappointing to lose trees in our area, but we’re pleased that we have had the opportunity to recycle them through natural play spaces and landscaping,” she said. “The logs will be used in multiple projects over the next 12 months including as edging or borders to hold in in sand or bark chips, as steppers and climbing logs.”

Caption: City of Mitcham Open Space Asset Officer Tim Birkett pictured with logs salvaged from the Springbank Road/Goodwood Road intersection upgrade.