Totem Poles set for Installation

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Totem Poles set for Installation

Five totem poles that represent a different theme important to everyday life for Indigenous people are set to be installed at Blackwood.

‘Cultural Spaces’ is a work by Marra Dreaming, a group of South Australian Aboriginal artists based at Salisbury who have created works for schools and public spaces for the past decade.

Lead artist Raylene Snow said the poles represent trees for making tools and shelter, animals for hunting and totems and symbols to convey stories and messages for the next generations.

“Another pole represents water, the lifeblood of our land, and Rainbow Serpent, a powerful symbol in Aboriginal culture; the creator god whose story has been passed down from generation to generation.”

The poles are inspired by River Red Gums within local reserves to reflect Indigenous culture.

The trio of Marra Dreaming artists who worked on the project, Samantha Egan, Thomas and Raylene Snow, are descendants of the Stolen Generation and are originally from the Northern Territory.

The poles were funded as part of City of Mitcham’s Public Arts Grants and will be installed at Waite Street Reserve, Blackwood.