Why waste it? Thank you for composting it!

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Why waste it? Thank you for composting it!

Did you know that you can easily reduce your waste by 38% by using a kitchen caddy system to collect food scraps and other compostable material?

Collect all your food scraps, uneaten food and other compostable items such as coffee grounds, tea bags, tissues, paper towel, and even hair in the kitchen caddy. Materials should then be placed into your green ‘food and garden organics bin’ for composting.

Why is it important to place food and other compostable materials in the green bin?

  • Landfill costs 85% more than composting food through the green bin.
  • Council could save $650,000 per year in Solid Waste Levy fees if all food and compostable materials were placed in the green bin rather than the landfill bin.
  • When food waste is sent to landfill it rots and releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas with 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.

How do I use a kitchen caddy?

1.         Line the basket with one of the Council provided compostable corn-starch bags or newspaper.

2.         Place all your food scraps and other compostable items in.

3.         After 2-3 days, or once full, tie the bag and place it into your green lidded food and garden organics bin.

Tips for using your kitchen caddy and green bin:

*           Keep your kitchen caddy in a handy spot such as on the bench top or under the kitchen sink.

*           Store seafood, meat scraps and dairy in the freezer until the night before your collection to avoid unpleasant smells.

*           All food scraps can be placed loose, directly into your green lidded food and garden organics bin.

*           Layer food scraps with dry leaves or shredded newspaper to absorb moisture and smells.

Where can I get a kitchen caddy system?

Kitchen caddies and compostable bags are available from the City of Mitcham Civic Centre, 131 Belair Road, Torrens Park, and Blackwood Library, 215 Main Rd, Blackwood, at a discounted price.

What if I have my own compost bin or worm farm?

Alternatively, you can compost fruit and vegetable scraps, paper towel, tissues, shredded paper as well as garden materials through your own home composting system.

Why waste it? Compost your food scraps and other organic materials, whichever way you choose! Keeping food and compostable items out of landfill bins is the single easiest and most effective way we can reduce our waste significantly.

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