Petitions Received

12 September 2017 - Petition - Installation of a Public Toilet - Waite Street Reserve Blackwood

19 September 2017 - Petition - Installation of a Public Toilet - Waite Street Reserve Blackwood - Additional Signatures

10 October 2017 - Petition - Blackwood Lunch Group(2241 kb)

7 November 2017 - Petition - Installation a Public Toilet - Waite Street Reserve Blackwood - Additional Signatures

16 January 2018 - Petition - Request for Pedestrian Crossing on Princes Road, Mitcham

19 January 2018 - Petition - Save Hannaford Reserve from becoming a Dog Park(11169 kb)

12 December 2019 - Petition - Saving 17 Belair Road Kingswood 5062 from demolition

28 July 2020 - Petition - Karkoo Nursery

What is a petition?

A petition is a document containing the names, signatures and addresses of a group of people who have a common cause to bring to Council.

What is a petition used for?

A petition is used to raise an issue and lobby for a solution.

Our Local Government system is designed to give the community the opportunity to raise concerns about issues such as traffic control in their area. Community members can, either as individuals or as a group, contact their Elected Members or the Chief Executive Officer by letter, telephone, or in person. Alternatively, where a group of people have a common concern they can organise a petition to present to Council. This is a formal way of bringing the subject of the petition to the notice of all Elected Members at the same time.

What should the petition look like?

The petition must:

  • be legibly written, typed or printed
  • clearly set out at the top of each page containing signatures, the request or submission of the petitioners
  • show the printed name of each person, their signature and address
  • be addressed to the Council and delivered to the principal office of the Council at 131 Belair Road, Torrens Park SA 5062

Pages or names which do not meet this format will not be counted by Council when considering the petition.

A covering letter should be provided with the name, address and contact details of the person to whom Council can address correspondence.

The original of each page of the petition must be provided to the Council.

What happens to the petition?

When a petition is received, it is included in the agenda for the next Council Meeting for consideration of the matter and the course of action to be taken.

NOTE:  The Council agenda appears on Council's website.  Contact details of petition signatories will also appear on the website.

Click on the link below to access Council's petition proforma.

Petition Proforma Petition%20Proforma (23 kb)