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Here at the City of Mitcham it’s great to see our local businesses opening their doors again. We’re proud to support these businesses that provide local jobs and bring strength and vitality to our communities. As a Council, we’re bringing forward almost $5 million in projects earmarked for future years and choosing local suppliers where we can to stimulate and support our economy. We encourage everyone in the City of Mitcham to head out to the shops and support our local businesses.

Remember that while restrictions have eased, there’s no room for complacency. Continue to keep your distance, wash your hands and get tested and together we will keep stopping the spread. Let’s stay safe and buy local for the benefit of the entire community.

A special thank you to the local businesses who participated in our video: The Middle Store, The Belair Hotel, Pizza Lola, Mint Fashion Boutique, Shakespeares Books, Mitcham Cinemas Wallis and EcoLateral Blackwood.

COVID-19 Rates Relief

Council is working to support ratepayers, businesses and community groups who are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that many businesses have closed or have significantly reduced their trading hours. This has resulted in large numbers of people becoming unemployed and experiencing financial hardship nationally, and our residents and ratepayers are not immune to this.

2020/2021 10% Council Rates Remission

As part of Council’s targeted response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a 10% remission off 2020/2021 Council rates will be provided to eligible ratepayers that have been financially impacted by the pandemic. This is available to all ratepayers whether direct or indirect such as tenants.

Applications must be submitted accompanied by the relevant proof by 7 October 2020. All information provided will be treated as private and confidential. Each application will be considered on its own merits.

Who is Eligible?  

All ratepayers who can prove to the satisfaction of Council the following:

  • Businesses and community groups directed to close by State Government regulations
  • Acceptance on the JobKeeper program
  • Acceptance on JobSeeker payment
  • A reduction of 15% or more of the combined income of listed ratepayers due to COVID-19 and accompanied by a Statutory Declaration stating that the ratepayer (or ratepayers if there are multiple ratepayers stated on the rates notice) has suffered an overall decrease in income of 15% or more due to COVID-19 and that all evidence provided in the application is true and correct.

How do I apply?

Apply using the City of Mitcham’s online application form with the attached proof of eligibility by 7 October 2020. If you have any queries relating to your application, please email Council at covid19raterelief@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au

Types of Eligibility

Business ratepayers

  • Business forced/directed to close by State Government regulations
  • Business receiving JobKeeper
  • Business with a 15% decrease in income due to COVID-19
  • Landlord/Managing agent with 15% decrease in income due to COVID-19

Residential ratepayers

  • Residential receiving JobKeeper
  • Residential receiving JobSeeker
  • Residential with a 15% decrease in income due to COVID-19
  • Self-funded retiree with a 15% decrease in income due to COVID-19

What Evidence should I provide?

If you are a business ratepayer that was forced/directed to close due to COVID-19 by State Government regulations

  • Business registration information that confirms the type of business that you operate.

If you are a business ratepayer receiving JobKeeper

  • Copy of a business monthly declaration for JobKeeper
  • Copy of bank statements showing the receipt of JobKeeper from the ATO
  • Letter from your accountant on letterhead confirming that you are a business owner whose business has been accepted on the JobKeeper program.

If you are a business ratepayer with a 15% decrease in income due to COVID-19 (as many of the following are relevant)

  • BAS Statements or bank statements showing a loss of income by 15% or more due to COVID-19 such as Statements from a normal trading period and from a COVID-19 affected period and a Statutory Declaration (see below)
  • Correspondence showing the cancellation of work/appointments/bookings etc due to COVID-19 or similar and a Statutory Declaration (see below)

If you are a landlord or managing agent with a 15% decrease in income due to COVID-19

  • Correspondence with each tenant confirming that you have reduced the rent/lease charges by 15% or more due to COVID-19 and a Statutory Declaration (see below).
  • Rental statements showing a comparison of income from a normal period and a COVID-19 affected period and a Statutory Declaration (see below)
  • Bank statements showing a comparison of income from a normal period and a COVID-19 affected period and a Statutory Declaration (see below)

If you are a residential ratepayer receiving JobKeeper

  • Copy of payslip in your name from your employer showing JobKeeper payments
  • Letter from your employer addressed to you by name (not a bulk email) confirming that you are being paid under JobKeeper program.
  • Copy of bank statements in your name showing receipt of JobKeeper payments
  • Copy of a payment summary from your employer showing JobKeeper received

If you are a residential ratepayer receiving JobSeeker

  • Centrelink statement or Centrelink payment advice confirming JobSeeker payment
  • Copy of bank statement showing JobSeeker payment in the description

If you are a Residential ratepayer with a 15% decrease in income due to COVID-19

  • A Letter from your employer on letterhead, addressed to you, confirming the reduction in income by 15% or more due to COVID-19 and a Statutory Declaration (see below)
  • Payslips showing a normal income period and a COVID-19 affected period with a decrease in income by 15% or more and a Statutory Declaration (see below)
  • Termination letter or separation certificate from your employer addressed to you confirming that your employment was ceased due to COVID-19

If you are a Self-Funded Retiree with a 15% or more decrease in income due to COVID-19

  • Evidence of reduction of income including correspondence and income statements relating to your investments showing a decrease in income by 15% or more due to COVID-19 and a Statutory Declaration (see below)

Statutory Declaration

If you are proving a decrease in income by 15% or more due to COVID-19, you will need to support this evidence with a Statutory Declaration. This should declare that ratepayers listed on the rates notice have suffered a decrease in combined income by 15% or more due to COVID-19, and that all information that you have provided in your application is true and correct.

Please be aware that there are significant penalties for intentionally making a false statutory declaration under section 11 of the Statutory Declarations Act 1959.

To find a JP visit the City of Mitcham's Justice of the Peace Service or SA Gov

If you are unable to supply the evidence required

If you are suffering from financial hardship due to COVID-19 but are unable to provide the evidence required, please contact the City of Mitcham at covid19raterelief@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au email we will do our best to assist you.

What if I previously submitted an application for rate relief?

If you have already submitted an application for rate-relief then there is nothing you need to do. Prior approved applications are automatically eligible for the 10% rate remission. If you have been approved for a deferral only and have not provided any proof of your financial hardship or for an update of your current application please email covid19raterelief@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au

Rates Postponement

If you have had a loss of income due to the COVID-19 crisis and do not believe you can meet your upcoming rates payments, you can apply for a postponement on your rates until the 15 December 2020 and no penalties will apply during this period.

Payment for postponed rates can be made any time during this period but full payment will be required at the end of December.

Please complete the application for COVID-19 Rates Relief

All applications will be treated confidentially.

Our Civic Centre Customer Service Counter is open. You can come in and see us, call us on 8372 8888 or visit us at www.mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au. We are also continuing to offer assistance and connections with our community. The Civic Centre will accept cash and EFTPOS.

SA Health are providing regular updates about COVID-19 on their website and Facebook.

Council will continue to observe all directions and advice issued by the Federal and State Governments regarding COVID-19, as the health and wellbeing of our community is our highest priority.

The virus is spread through contact with droplets produced when an infectious person coughs or sneezes. As a consequence our behaviour is key to preventing spread of the virus and this involves taking personal responsibility, such as regular hygiene practices and social distancing.

South Australians have successfully slowed the spread of Coronavirus and it’s essential we sustain this good work as we interact with our family, friends and local businesses. Keeping a healthy physical distance between individuals is a necessary precaution we must continue to take. Physical distance of 1.5m is strongly encouraged where and whenever possible.

These measures are essential to prevent illness and protect all members of our community. Further information can be found here.

Front Counter at the Civic Centre

The front counter at the Civic Centre is open. You can come in and visit us or contact us on 8372 8888, email mitcham@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au or via a feedback form.

The Civic Centre will accept cash and EFTPOS.

Development Services

The Development Services counter is open. Development applications can be lodged at the counter, via email to development@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au or by post addressed to City of Mitcham, PO Box 21, Mitcham Shopping Centre, TORRENS PARK SA 5062.

Building notifications can be lodged here via our website or via email. Email general queries here or call 8372 8888.

Community Wellbeing

Community Wellbeing services are continuing for residents over the age of 65 or under 65 living with disability.

Those services that continue with modifications and additional safety measures to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions include:

  • Domestic Assistance
  • Home Maintenance
  • Home Modifications
  • Personal Transport – for those CHSP or SA HACC clients with no family or other supports to assist them, limited 1:1 personal transport is occurring in the People Mover for essential medical appointments or shopping
  • 1:1 social support via weekly friendly phone calls
  • Contact with Social Group and Community Transport participants via phone calls, activity kits, puzzles and quizzes
  • Weekly Social Knitting Groups are meeting for two hours at Blackwood (Monday) and Cumberland Park Community Centre (Tuesday)
  • Men’s Lunch Group members are independently meeting at a local venue to share lunch until such time as it is safe to recommence bus outings
  • Colouring Groups, Carer’s Catchup, and Walking Groups will commence in November
  • Nutritious cooked meals are being home delivered for CHSP or SA HACC funded clients
  • The Community Shopping Bus has recommenced, with a modified timetable, reduced passenger numbers and other safety measures.

Community Wellbeing services that remain suspended include:

  • Community Lunches and Social Groups run from the Cumberland Park Community Centre and Blackwood Community Centre
  • ‘Out ‘n’ About’ bus outings
  • Library Community Bus runs

If you have questions or concerns regarding services or your volunteer role, please Community Wellbeing Coordinators Deb or Dennis, or talk to Sonja in the Community Wellbeing Team on 8372 8884.


Some volunteer programs have recommenced. Registered Volunteers should speak to their program coordinator for specific information regarding their program or contact Lynne at lnorton@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au for information regarding new Volunteer roles.

Our waste and bin collection and recycling services continue as normal.

The Lynton Green Waste Facility will be open on its scheduled open days every first, third and fifth Saturday of the Month. Please remember to follow social distancing rules of 1.5 metres and hygiene practices and be aware that EFTPOS is the preferred option for payment. Thank you for patience and understanding as we work to slow the spread of COVID-19.

To view the calendar click here.

All outdoor playgrounds, exercise equipment and skate parks are open for play we encourage all visitors to our playgrounds to practice social distancing and good hygiene.

Drinking fountains and outdoor barbecues in our reserves and parks are open and operating.

We still encourage going for daily walks through our reserves and parks while practicing social distancing. View our trails here.

For further information, including maintenance and monitoring during extended periods of discontinued use, please refer SA Health.

Community Centres

Our community centres have partly reopened for regular hirers and existing programs to return to our facilities.  The City of Mitcham is following the South Australian Government Roadmap to Recovery and all regular hirers are expected to comply with their Covid-19 Safe Plan.

Kitchens are currently not available for use so programs revolving kitchen use such as Batch Cooking and Bakers in residence have been temporarily ceased.

Please note that we are not offering casual hire at any of our facilities until further notice.

If you would like to know if a program has been restarted, a timetable and contact details for each of our programs can be found on the centre pages below.

For any further queries regarding hall hire with the City of Mitcham please forward your query to communitycentres@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au.

For more information visit our community centres.

Community Shed is open

The Mitcham Local History Service is open

Mitcham Library Service

The Mitcham Memorial Library and Blackwood Library is open to browse the collection and borrow resources. Click here for our opening hours.

These events have restarted:

Numbers may be limited for all events.

Check our library page for special events, including online ones

  • Storytime and craft handed out to do at home.
  • Wriggle and Read
  • Conversation and coffee group
  • French classes
  • Knitting and crochet
  • Book groups
  • Tech times

The following groups and services are unavailable at this stage

  • Toys and Talk
  • Chess Group
  • Rummy
  • Scrabble
  • Meeting Rooms

Our immunisation services will continue with additional health practices put into place to manage social distancing and staff at each clinic will manage people entering and exiting the building during the clinics.

To view the community clinic calendar click here.

  • It will cost members of the Community who do not qualify for the free influenza vaccine $20 per dose paid by debit or credit card.
  • Flu vaccinations are free for clients who are over 65 and those considered vulnerable. For more information on clinics and to see the criteria for vulnerable people click here.

Please note that the immunisation clinics scheduled at the Mitcham Memorial Library will now be held at the City of Mitcham Civic Centre, 131 Belair Road, Torrens Park until further notice.

Rate Relief for Local Businesses

Council waived fourth quarter rates (May to July 2020) for businesses closed by State or Federal Government directives.

Businesses who remain open but have suffered a significant decrease in income and are eligible for Jobkeeper payments can apply to have 50 per cent of their fourth quarter rates waived, and the rest deferred until December 2020.

A key element of the package is that the waiver also extends to tenants, meaning a COVID-19 affected business can apply for the rebate or deferral if the landlord agrees to pass it on. This measure is designed to provide effective and targeted relief and is also set to benefit not-for-profit community groups who hire/run community halls and RSL Club facilities.

Rent and License Waiver Extended

As of 9 September, Council has extended rent and license fee waivers for all tenants receiving rent waivers, with no fees payable until 30 September, and 50 per cent of rents and fees to be paid from 1 October until 31 December 2020. Full rents will be reinstated from 1 January 2021.

To apply complete the online form COVID-19 Rates Relief

COVID-19 Safe Principles for Business

The South Australian Government is gradually and carefully lifting restrictions imposed on business.

Businesses involved in a ‘Defined Public Activity’ must complete a COVID-Safe Plan. As of 29 June 2020 defined public activities include:

  • Onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverages (whether occurring in an indoor or outdoor area)
  • Sport (including sports training, fitness or recreation activities
  • Indoor public meetings
  • Ceremonies
  • Provision of personal care services
  • Provision of public entertainment
  • Provision of recreational transport
  • The operation of relevant licensed premises
  • The operation of a casino or gambling area
  • Auctions and inspections of premises for the purpose of sale or rental of any property
  • Driver instruction.

More information and a step-by-step online tool to create a COVID-Safe Plan is available here. You will also find here an online calculator to find out the maximum number of people you can accommodate in a space. If your business has seated/stationary areas (eg: dining, manicure stations, gym equipment), we suggest you do this calculation first and then consider where to position furniture or equipment so customers can maintain physical distance of 1.5m.

For more information visit the South Australian Governments ‘Recovery from COVID-19’ website. Council’s Environmental Health officer are available to assist with any questions and can be contact on 8372 8888.

Food Business Inspection Fees

Food business inspection fees and charges waived until 31 October 2020.

Council Own Property Fees

Lease, license fees and rent for council-owned property tenants waived for period of mandated closure; and

Australian Government Financial Stimulus for Small Business

$17.6 billion dollar stimulus package was announced that included cash flow assistance to help small and medium sized businesses. The South Australian Government has also announced emergency cash grants to assist small businesses.

The Australian Government is supporting Australian businesses during this time. Visit www.treasury.gov.au for up to date information on the financial support available for individuals and businesses.

Mental Health Support

It is normal to feel stress and worry when there is a health event happening in the community that is affecting people’s wellbeing, such as the coronavirus disease. Support can be found at www.headtohealth.gov.au/covid-19-support

Food Safety Auditing

Our team of food safety auditors remain committed to monitoring and regulating high risk food audited premises during the COVID-19 restrictions phase. These businesses include Hospitals, Aged Care facilities and Child Care Facilities that offer services and accommodation to our most vulnerable people.

Businesses are encouraged to contact their food safety auditor for any questions regarding the process at this time.

COVID-19 Marshals

From 21 August 2020 in South Australia a ‘COVID Marshal’ will be required if your business or activity involves hospitality, gyms and fitness centres, indoor and outdoor sports clubs, swimming pools available for public use, religious or faith-based ceremonies, supermarkets or hardware stores, distribution centres and businesses required to have a COVID Management Plan. Find out more at https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/recovery/covid-marshals.

City of Mitcham has set out to support the local economy and generate employment during the COVID-19 pandemic by bringing forward a range of projects earmarked for future years.

Council has identified $4,796,500 of projects that can begin immediately, including the replacement of four domestic waste trucks, road renewal and kerb reconstruction at Cashel Street and Quinlan Avenue, St Marys and new roofing and guttering at the Cumberland United Soccer Club rooms.

Also identified are $36,888,500 in projects that require funding from Federal or State Government. Council has already committed to the funding of $16m towards these projects and will appeal to the Premier and Prime Minister with an outline of the works and balance of funding required.

These include the Blackwood Community Hub and Waite St Reserve Activation ($20m), Unley Jets Club Redevelopment at Unley Oval ($2.15m) and Brown Hill Creek Storm Water Management Plan South Parklands Stage ($5.3m).

City of Mitcham Stimulus Projects – immediate start

Project Description / Value

  • Civic Centre – replace air conditioning units in Council Chambers Archive Store and Council Chambers, recoat panels on exterior curved wall – total $70,000
  • Lynton Depot – security system upgrade $45,000
  • Blackwood Lions Club roof renewal $3000
  • Blackwood Rotary Club switchboard upgrade $1,500
  • Mitcham Community Centre kitchenette renewal $15,000
  • Mitcham Community Centre- demolish shelter in car park $10,000
  • Mitcham Community Centre – swipe card access $30,000
  • Mitcham Village Institute – hall flooring renewal $10,000
  • Mitcham RSL Clubrooms – switchboard upgrade $1,000
  • Cumberland Park Community Centre – modify doors for DDA compliance $15,000
  • Colonel Light Gardens Institute alarm and smoke detector, fascia/ gutter repairs $25,000
  • Mitcham Memorial Library – roof repairs to old section $15,000
  • Belair Community Centre – new gutter and downpipes $12,000
  • Cumberland United Soccer Club Rooms – roof and gutter renewal $26,000
  • AA Bailey Reserve Southern Suburbs Rugby Club rooms gas heater replacement - $2,000
  • Hawthorn Bowling Club storage shed roof renewal -  $6,000
  • Manson Oval Bellevue Heights Tennis Club – replace eastern verandah and shelter - $35,000
  • Cashel St, St Marys – road renewal and kerb reconstruction $1,010,000
  • Quinlan Ave, St Marys - road renewal and kerb reconstruction $620,000
  • City of Mitcham four domestic waster truck replacements - $1,745,000
  • Main Rd, Blackwood, footpath renewal, new kerb, stormwater upgrade, upgrade East Terrace/ Main Road intersection, upgrade Red Road/ Hillside/ Main Road intersection, park furniture and renewals in Blackwood Forest Recreation Park reserve $800,000
  • Wattlebury Road, Barrens Reserve, Wesley Street, Mitcham – renewal of footpath and streetscape $300,000

Total Value: $4,796,500