Cr Adriana Christopoulos

Ms Adriana Christopoulos

April 2020

It is March already and the year has commenced with devastating fires in the Adelaide Hills, Kangaroo Island and South Eastern Australia.

Beautiful parts of South Australia have been devastated by catastrophic bushfires that tragically caused loss of human life, massive property damage and the loss of wildlife and habitat.

Thank you to our dedicated CFS and many of our staff and other community members who helped with the firefighting and recovery.

I would also like to acknowledge and pay my respects to Gault Councillor Jasmine Berry who suffered a devastating loss with the passing of her Father Ron Selth during the fires in the Adelaide Hills. I write this with the permission of Cr Berry. Thank you to those who donated money, time and goods to support those who lost their homes and their livelihoods.  Your kindness and generosity continues to support our friends and neighbours who suffered losses during these devastating fires.

Momentum has continued on the State Planning Reforms and our campaign to try to ensure adequate protection provisions are in place for our City. I have listened to community concerns and proposed that in our official response to the Minister for Planning and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure that we outline our concerns with its content and reinforcing the need to protect our heritage and character, prevent damaging urban infill and ensure tree coverage. During the meeting of Council on March 10 I moved that the minimum site area within the Suburban Neighbourhood Zone be amended to 350 square metres with a maximum height be amended to three stories for the Belair Road Centre Precinct. Unfortunately my motion was not seconded and lapsed and the minimum site area within the Suburban Neighbourhood Zone was set to 300 square metres and a maximum height of two storey was approved for the Department’s consideration. Neither of the options offered really does the Boorman Ward any justice. I still don’t understand anyone who would not want our block sizes to be a further 50 square metres bigger?

Going forward I will continue to put across your views on all matters with special focus on Council rates, which are coming up for deliberation again in March and April. It has always been my objective to keep the rates as low as possible and this has been supported with the feedback I received from ratepayers on a Facebook survey I undertook late last year.  Most of those who responded all wanted to keep our Council rates as low as possible. I will honour this and continue to argue for less spending and lower rates.