Cr John Sanderson

Mr John Sanderson

December 2019

Mitcham Development Plan

Draft Growth Precinct Development Plan Amendment ( DPA)

The City of Mitcham is updating its Development Plan to create opportunities for investment, growth and change within four key areas of the Council area.

Overton Ward has two of these key areas. Area two in our Ward covers properties west of Winston Avenue from Daws Road to Morgan Avenue, through to Goodwood Road, this will be classified as Suburban Neighbourhood. The Repat site will be Mixed Use (Health Precinct).

Area five covers Cross Road to Avenue Road, around Cabra School to Eaton Street (both sides). Woolworths will be District Centre, and along Goodwood Road Urban Corridor.

These Plans and details have been available for months now at the Council Office and two Libraries. The last issue of the Mitcham Community News gave residents considerable detail.

The Mitcham Development Plan has not been amended for many years and with the State Planning changing the Code and effectively taking over future development approvals in mid 2020 this is an ideal time to update Mitcham’s Plan.

The draft Development Plan Amendments are available on Council’s website

Goodwood Road/Daws Road/Springbank Roads Intersection

The development of this intersection has been discussed by State Government and Mitcham Council for many years with numerous plans not eventuating. But the State Government is now starting to get serious with a plan varying many times. I personally have not seen the latest plan, but I understand there are four houses adjacent to the Repat land together with the newish service station will be demolished. Bedford Industries are involved in on-going discussion and that continues with DPTI and Council.

Reserve Development

Avenue Road Reserve has a new shiny toilet funded by the State Government under the Fund my Neighbourhood scheme. The toilet is adjacent to the BBQ and table and seats with a drink fountain nearby.

Hillview Reserve will have the over 70-year-old substandard toilet replaced. The construction style has changed to reflect the heritage area, construction will commence shortly and be completed prior to Christmas 2019.


Have you had a tree planted or replaced by Council in front of your residence? I am aware Council has a watering truck regularly watering all the newly planted trees but, to give “your” tree(s) the best advantage of survival, please give each tree one or two buckets of extra water a week as the weather warms up. Remember the first two years of a tree’s life is vital to give them more water to establish their future life.

This is my last article to the Mitcham Community News before the Christmas and New Year break. There are many festivals and family celebrations catching up with friends coming up, so I would like to wish you a safe and restful Merry Christmas and a brighter 2020, keep everyone safe at this time.

I always appreciate the opportunity to meet, talk with and learn, support residents on local issues.

My contact number is 8277 1884 or as above.