Cr Yvonne Todd

Ms Yvonne Todd

October 2020

2020 is passing so quickly even with COVID-19, but the same issues come up over footpaths, tree planting, parks, playgrounds, traffic and roads.

Some happy news that cheered the Springbank Secondary College school community was the announcement by Minister John Gardner that Springbank Secondary College would continue, and be funded for a new resource centre and other facilities. I thank and congratulate the Minister for recognising the uniqueness of the school.

Being on Council means that difficult decisions must be made. I research each decision and approach with an informed and open mind. Originally I thought I would not support the current budget and long-term financial plan but I was swayed by several things to change my mind and support it. Firstly, that the State and Federal governments gave us a clear message that local government should spend money on major projects, and secondly, that our major projects require funding commitments from State and Federal governments. If the advice from the Premier and Prime Minister changes to “do not spend” in the next six to 12 months, the budget and project spending can be changed.

At the Springbank, Goodwood and Daws road intersection, the design plans are 100 per cent complete and work has started on trenching for the service utilities. The road build will start in November and finish in late 2021. I attended a recent briefing and an information session to raise residents’ concerns about noise and traffic problems during the build. The department staff are open to conversations about what might disturb residents who live near the road works, so if you live nearby to the works and experience problems, contact the project team, by email: or phone: 1300 794 880. Remember that the trucks are not allowed to detour via side streets. Report them if they do.

The loss of a large gum tree on the Springbank and Goodwood road corner was very distressing for residents and urged me to prepare a motion to request the Local Government Association to negotiate with the State Government for a formal agreement on the process for consulting about tree removal and for a review of the “Significant and Regulated” Tree laws. Native gum trees take at least 60 years to grow so removal of just one means a significant loss in terms of air quality and habitat.

Some good news is that the intersection provides vacant land in front of the Tower Arts centre on the Springbank Secondary College corner. DIT tell me they have no plans for this land yet, other than trees. I think there could be an opportunity for something eye catching to be there for the community to love and enjoy. Think about it and let me know if you have an idea for how that land could best be used.

Please call or email me if you have council issues to discuss.