Christmas Lights Trail Map

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Christmas Lights Trail Map

City of Mitcham boasts some of Adelaide’s best Christmas lights displays and this year we’re developing a Christmas Lights Trail Map to help you navigate the best streets and suburbs in the City of Mitcham.

If you decorate your home with lights at Christmas we want to hear from you, or if you know of a street that lights up at Christmas time, please let us know.

All you need to do is send the street name and suburb to to be included on the Christmas Lights Trail Map, or fill out our Christmas Lights Trail Map below. We will also be including links to other light displays across Adelaide.

Each week we will update the online lights trail right up until Christmas. If you would like your light display to appear on our printed map we need to hear from  you by 30 November.

View our interactive map below or collect a map from various locations from the start of December.

As well as lighting up our Christmas Spaces, we’ll light up our Council buildings this year including the Mitcham Community Centre, Mitcham Cultural Village, Blackwood Community Centre and Cumberland Park Community Centre.

City of Mitcham’s Community Wellbeing program’s ‘Colour Group’ and ‘Cumbie Crew’ are working on a ‘Merry Christmas’ banner to be displayed on the front doors of the Cumberland Park Community Centre and Westbourne Park Memorial Hall. Our knitting groups are also busy creating knitted bows to decorate our Community Centres and surrounds.

Read more about Mitcham’s Christmas Festival.

Christmas Lights Trail Map Submission Form

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Terms and Conditions

All entrants are encouraged to have their light displays on from 7 - 31 December between the hours of 8.30pm and 11pm. Council encourages entrants to use solar powered or LED lights to conserve energy.

The entrant agrees for their property street name to be listed in promotional material including the Council website and local flyers available to the public to view the lights.

All entrants understand that their property may be photographed and these photos may be used in the promotion of the event.

All entrants agree that their installation will stop at their property boundary and not cover the Council verge.