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Australia Day Award Recipients

The Australia Day Awards provide unique recognition for some of the outstanding work of residents and are part of the Council's commitment to strengthening and acknowledging community participation within the City.

Please see below a comprehensive list of previous years' Australia Day Award recipients.

Citizen of the Year - David Ennis

David Ennis has provided outstanding service to our community through his work with the Repatriation Hospital, Repatriation Museum, local and state Church Councils, volunteering roles and working with Springbank Secondary Collage (previously Pasadena High School) educating students on the Australian Armed Forces.

Citizen of the Year - Elisabeth and David Bartlett

Elisabeth and Geoffrey Bartlett have provided outstanding community service to the Blackwood hills and Mitcham hills community for over five decades through the Blackwood South Neighbourhood Watch and Blackwood Action Group.

Community Event of the Year - Mitcham City Brass

The Mitcham Band Festival, hosted by Mitcham City Brass, has become a very successful annual event, not only for the City of Mitcham community, but the community of Adelaide. The 2019 Festival exceeded everyone’s expectations, and its success has showcased the Mitcham area, the Vogue Theatre, South Australia and Mitcham City Brass globally.

Australia Day Citizen of the Year Award - Mr Ian Steel OAM

Founder and CEO of Kickstart for Kids: which provide breakfast and lunch programs in 350 SA schools; engage mentors in schools with children at risk of disengaging with their education; and facilitate the Camp Kickstart school holiday program for vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

Senior Citizen of the Year - Helen Scarborough

Helen's passion for collecting curious objects and antiques has led her to open her home students and community groups, and to participate in the Mitcham Remembers event. Helen is now working with Flinders Medical Research to explore opportunities around having people with dementia visit to use the old equipment as sense memory exercise.

Community Event of the Year - Blackwood Christmas Tree Festival

The Blackwood Action Group facilitates this popular biannual event at the Blackwood Community Centre. Providing children the opportunity to visit with Santa and partake in Christmas crafts, the festival invites local community groups and businesses to create and decorate Christmas trees, with funds raised being donated to charity.

Local Hero of the Year - Dr Donald Beckwith

An active Lions Club member since 1989, including as the Operations Member of the District Skin Cancer Project. Since his retirement 25 years ago, Donald has dedicated his time to giving back to the community.

Citizen of the Year - Rhys Roberts

Manager of the Lions Club Bargain Centre and Vice President of the Lions Medical Research Foundation, Rhys has been contributing to the community through his 32 year involvement with Lions Club International. Rhys is also the Chair of the Blackwood Recreation Centre, Chair of the Blackwood & District Memorial Hall Inc., and was the inaugural Chair or the Adelaide Hills Combined Community Clubs and was Chair of the Lions Club Blackwood Christmas Pageant.

Citizen of the Year - Rosemary Fisher

An 18 year volunteer veteran at Mitcham Meals on Wheel, Rosemary ensures the smooth delivery of meals to community members through her role as Volunteer Coordinator for the team of drivers operating across the six delivery routes.

Young Citizen of the Year - Danika Pederzolli

Superintendent of the St John Ambulance Colonel Light Gardens Cadet Division, Danika's years of volunteering and leadership have inspired many to join the Cadet group.

Australia Day Commendation - Betty Cobiac

A dedicated volunteer in the Mitcham Heritage Research Centre, Betty has contributed am enormous amour of time and work to the Local History Service since 1995.

Citizen of the Year - Ron Bellchambers

Community Leader for the "No Dam in Brownhill Creek"  Action Group, who contributed enormously to the to the no dam outcome being endorsed by the five catchments Councils. Ron has been actively involved in the maintenance and protection of Brownhill Creek for many years, working with the Conservation Council, Nature Foundation SA and the National Trust to promote the Brownhill Creek Recreation Park.

Community Event of the Year - South Australian Community Music Festival (ARPA Orchestra)

The ARPA (Australian Retired Persons Association) Orchestra organised and sponsored the inaugural festival, held over eight Sundays. Featuring performances from community bands, choirs and orchestras, over 500 amateur musicians entertained hundreds of audience members from the community.

Excellence in Community Service - Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek

Fundraising for local community organisations and supporting local awards and community awareness programs. The most significant project in 2014/15 was contributing $200 000 towards the building of an orphanage school in Golfutar, Nepal, and fundraising a further $40 000 for repairs following the April 2015 earthquakes.

Excellence in Sport - Innovation Calisthenics Club

For achievement and commitment in developing the sport of calisthenics. Since being established in 2012 the club has grown to more than 100 members aged between 2 and 55 years, and have experienced great success in competitions.

Citizen of the Year - Andrew Tidswell

President of the Blackwood Action Group, founder and convener of the Blackwood Hills Sustainable Communities Group, inaugural member of the Blackwood Reconciliation Group,  Wittunga volunteer through the Friends on Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Young Citizen of the Year (State Recipient) - Daniel Spencer

State Coordinator of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Daniel relocated to Port Augusta generate community support for transitioning to solar thermal power plant storage. He travels Australia providing training, workshops and conferences for young people taking action against climate change.

Excellence in Community Service - International Order of the Rainbow for Girls Friendship - Dilkara Assembly

The group aims to develop girls' leadership skills through supporting less fortunate members of the community. The current group is raising funds for Sids & Kids.

Excellence in Sport - Belinda White

For services to the Sturt Softball Club as a player, coach, umpire and volunteer. Belinda has represented both South Australia and Australia in national and international competitions.

Citizen of the Year - Angie Pangallo

Establishing, and assisting with the management of, the Gold Foundation, which supports children with Asperger's and their families through social programs, events and excursions, and support sessions and seminars.

Young Citizen of the Year - William Russell

Establishing the Teen Support Network, which provides online support to bullied young people and to young people who identify as being part of the LGBTI community.

Community Event of the Year - SA Women's Memorial Playing Fields Trust

For the annual Bangka Memorial Service which commemorates 21 Australian nurses who were massacred on Bangka Island, Indonesia on 16 February 1942. It is the largest annual memorial service for women, with guests attending from all over Australia.

Excellence in Community Service - Colonel Light Gardens Community RSL

Established in 1927, the RSL opened its doors to the wider community in 2003, and provides a vital social hub for people seven days a week, with the support of its dedicated volunteers.

Excellence in Design - Temperance Hotel Heritage Restoration

Enhancing the character of the Mitcham Village Historic Conservation Zone through restoration of a previously derelict landmark local heritage building.

Excellence in Community Service - Nan Davies

Office holder with with Blackwood Action Group, and volunteer for the National Heart Foundation and the Cancer Council.

Excellence in Sport - Hugh Haysmen

For achievements in Athletics, Cross Country, Cricket and Australian Rules Football, and for mentoring young athletes.

Australia Day Award of Appreciation - Torben Davidson

For lifelong commitment and outstanding contribution to the local community, through volunteering for his local church, Scouts SA, Oxfam, Overseas Aid, and the Waite Institute and Friends of Urrbrae House. Presented posthumously to his wife Jeanette Davidson.

Citizen of the Year (Jointly Presented) - John Wilson and Peter Collins

Jointly presented to the retired engineers for contributing their expertise and experience to the Brownhill and Keswick Creek Storm water Management Project.

Young Citizen of the Year - Amy Park

A recipient of the Governor of South Australia Commendation, the former Unley High student has demonstrated her leadership qualities through involvement with National Reconciliation Week, the Gay-Straight Alliance, the Oaktree Foundation and the Red Cross Blood Service.

Community Event of the Year - Edwardstown Primary School Strawberry Fair

For over 30 years this popular event has been organised by staff, students and parents as a major fundraiser for school programs and facilities.

Excellence in Community Service - Blackwood Action Group

Beautifying the Blackwood area through planting programs, Clean Up Australia Day, and contributions to the Wittunga Garden Management Plan, the Blackwood Road Management Review, and the Waite Reserve upgrade plans.

Excellence in Community Service - Keep Fit Program (Deborah Harrison)

Physiotherapist Deborah Harrison has been running the Keep Fit Program for over 25 years, with over $100 000 in class fees being donated to charity in that time.

Excellence in Environmental Achievement - Friends of Shepherds Hill Recreation Park

Rehabilitating the Park, particularly the Grey Box grassy woodlands, through monthly working bees undertaken by dedicated volunteers.

Australia Day Commendation - Mary Lindon

Establishing and coordinating the Seniors in Harmony Program which provides monthly music events for seniors and people with disabilities.

Australia Day Commendation - Brian Langsford

Over 35 years of contributions to Scouts SA and the Red Cross Blood Service.

Citizen of the Year - Maggy (Maggie) Ragless

Dedicated community historian who volunteered for over 30 years preserving and promoting the heritage of the City of Mitcham.

Young Citizen of the Year - Georgie Button

Scotch College boarding student and active member of the school community, and a dedicated volunteer in her home community of Wandearah.

Community Event of the Year - Mitcham Schools Fete

Facilitated by staff and students of Mitcham schools, with many community participants, over 3000 people enjoyed the Fete's various activities, performances and market stalls.

Excellence in Environmental Achievement - Red Gum Gully Our Patch

Rehabilitating the Grey Box and Red Gum woodland at the Cedar Avenue Reserve through weeding and planting, seed collection and propagation, monitoring water quality, and path maintenance.

Excellence in Environmental Achievement - Friends of Sturt Gorge

Improving Sturt Gorge through weeding and removing olive trees, reinstating indigenous plants, building walking tracks, and organising walking tours.

Citizen of the Year - Jane Bolt

Citizen of the Year - Phil Hereen

Citizen of the Year - Judith Stone

Young Citizen of the Year - Nicole Blinco

Community Event of the Year - Eden Hills Primary School Strawberry Fair

Citizen of the Year - Dr Pat Cole

Citizen of the Year - Dr Trevor Wallis Martin

Citizen of the Year - Barbara Capon

Citizen of the Year - Cathie Hancock

Community Event of the Year - Blackwood Lions Club Christmas Pageant

Excellence in Community Service - Mitcham Floodsafe Program Volunteers

Excellence in Sport - Southern Heights SAPSASA Football Team

Citizen of the Year - Dr Allin Hodson

Community Event of the Year - Blackwood Lions Club Bargain Centre

Excellence in Community Service - SES Metro South Unit

Excellence in Sport - Melanie Johnson

Excellence in Sport - Abbey Holmes

Excellence in Sport (Team) - Mercedes College Premier Tennis Team

Commendation - Natalie Hughes

Commendation - Jane Lilly-Ann Monteo-Dorisio

Commendation - Michael Vickers

Commendation - John Arthur

Commendation - Antonia (Anne) Van Loon

Citizen of the Year - Russell Eccleston

Commendation - Brian Langsford

Citizen of the Year - Elizabeth Sawyer

Young Citizen of the Year - Caroline Siow

Excellence in Sport - Jodie Monteo-Dorisio

Commendation - Geoff and Elisabeth Bartlett

Citizen of the Year - Donald Baker

Commendation - Joy Parker

Commendation - Raelene Evans

Commendation - Will Scobie

Commendation - Ben Luks

Citizen of the Year - Heather Beckman

Young Citizen of the Year - Wes Parker

Excellence in Sport - Kerry Wilkinson

Excellence in Design - Resthaven Westbourne Park

Excellence in Environmental Achievement - John Garnaut

Excellence in Community Service - Big A Boutique - CLG Church of Christ

Commendation - Don Ewing

Commendation - Mr and Mrs Wittwer

Commendation - Frank Williamsom

Commendation - Ken Bock

Citizen of the Year - Graham Kernick

Citizen of the Year - Desmond Jones

Young Citizen of the Year - Kate Wheldrake

Excellence in Sport - Lorraine Phillips

Excellence in Sport - Kellie Symons

Excellence in Design - St Joseph's School Kingswood

Excellence in Design - Springfield House

Excellence in Environmental Achievement - Urrbrae Agricultural High School

Commendation - Philip Knight

Commendation - Neil Stallard

Commendation - Mr and Mrs Keen

Commendation - Mr and Mrs McIntryre

Citizen of the Year - Tammy Lane

Citizen of the Year - Maxwell Holbrook

Citizen of the Year - Dr Pat Cole

Excellence in Sport (Team) - Blackwood Hgh School Junior Rugby Teams

Commendations - Pam Tamblyn

Commendations - June Jackett

Commendations - Pamela Osborn

Commendations - Pam Lehmann

Citizen of the Year - Evelyn Wood

Citizen of the Year - Helen Doley

Citizen of the Year - Allan Rayner