Take-away and Home Delivery Food Safety Tips

Food Safety COVID
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23rd Mar 2020 - 30th Apr 2020

Take-away and home delivery food safety tips

With the expected increase in takeaway and food delivery due to COVID-19, the City of Mitcham is urging businesses to take extra care when it comes to food handling.

1. Wash your hands, maintain personal hygiene

This is more important than ever, especially for anyone working to prepare food for the public. Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly and maintain good personal hygiene. Read more tips here.

Ensure hand-washing facilities have a constant supply of warm running water, soap and single use paper towel at all times.

2. Do not prepare and handle food if you’re feeling unwell

If you are feeling unwell, don’t handle or prepare food for the public. You can pass on germs to others through food and other contact.

3. Cook food thoroughly

Ensure food is cooked thoroughly, which means reaching a core food temperature of 75°C or above and/or ensuring juices run clear. Read more tips on food preparation here.

4. Cool down potentially hazardous foods rapidly

Any potentially hazardous food you cook and cool down for later use must be cooled as quickly as possible.  Food should be cooled from 60°C to 21°C within two hours, and then from 21°C to 5°C or below in a further four hours. Cool food faster by portioning into small quantities, using shallow trays and placing immediately into the fridge or freezer.

Read more here.

5. Cleaning and sanitising

Normal cleaning and sanitation measures will minimise risk of infection. Keep your food premises clean at all times during operation. Sanitising food contact surfaces is also crucial in ensuring germs aren’t spread. Where possible, use your dishwasher for all food contact items. Read more here.

For food safety and general advice, please contact Council on 8372 8888 , email mitcham@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au or visit https://www.mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au/services/health-services/food-safety-information

Food Safety COVID