Climate Ready Community

While the challenges of climate change can feel out of our control there are actions that we can take in our homes and community that can contribute to a positive future.

Energy Efficiency

Many households in South Australia are concerned with rising energy prices. If the demand for energy increases, more infrastructure is required with costs passed on to households. By saving energy, the need to provide additional infrastructure can be reduced.

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions per person are among the highest in the developed world. By using less energy, you can help to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and help the environment.

City of Mitcham is a participating in the South Australian government’s Energy Partners Program assisting households to save energy. For the latest tips and tricks to reduce energy consumption visit

Other useful resources include:


The way we travel can have a large impact on the energy we consume and the greenhouse emissions we produce. Where possible walk, cycle or catch public transport to reduce your environmental impact.

The type of car we own, and the way we drive it, can also impact on the environment. Did you know that inflating your tyres to the correct pressure will reduce your car’s greenhouse emissions? For more tips on green motoring or for assistance when buying a new or used car, visit the Green Vehicle Guide.

Upcoming Events

Climate Ready Communities - online training (Resilient South)

Join Climate Ready Communities training and help take climate action in your community!

Have you been inspired by ABC's ‘Fight for Planet A’ or ‘Big Weather’? Join us for this two-part online training program and learn about local climate impacts, ways to avoid the worst of them and how to get your community ready.

Cost: $10 per person, two-part training sessions (6-9.30pm Monday 22 and Wednesday 24 February 2021).

Eventbrite bookings now open!