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What’s City of Mitcham’s Community Emission Profile?

In 2020 Mitcham partnered with a number of other South Australian Councils to champion the development of community emission profiles across all South Australian local government authorities.

Community groups, residents and businesses can now monitor community emission profiles across the state to hopefully witness much needed reductions in greenhouse gas emissions urgently required to address the climate change crisis.

In 2018/19 City of municipal emissions were 417,700 tCO2e, where Councils corporate emissions represented only .01%. The City’s major emissions sources were comprised of electricity (34%), Transport (55%), Gas (10%) and Waste (1%). The carbon emissions for Mitcham have undergone a modest increase since 2005, with a very large proportion of this change occurring in the last few years.

To see more detail on Mitcham's community emission profile view Mitcham's snapshot.

Community solar

Across Mitcham, 34 per cent of homes have solar panels, compared with 36 per cent across SA. Considering installing solar at your home? Watch these handy videos here that answer commonly asked questions including: how does solar actually work, how to calculate your potential savings, how to avoid dodgy solar companies and the best panel position on your roof.

More information including a guide to the benefits of renewable energy is available on the Federal Government’s Energy website here.

Why is Energy Saving Important?

Many households in South Australia are concerned with rising energy prices. If the demand for energy increases, more infrastructure is required with costs passed on to households. By saving energy, the need to provide additional infrastructure can be reduced.

Additionally, Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions per person are among the highest in the developed world. By using less energy, you can help to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and help the environment.

City of Mitcham is a participating in the South Australian government’s Energy Partners Program assisting households to save energy. For more information visit


The way we travel can have a large impact on the energy we consume and the greenhouse emissions we produce. Where possible walk, cycle or catch public transport to reduce your environmental impact.

The type of car we own, and the way we drive it, can also impact on the environment. Did you know that inflating your tyres to the correct pressure will reduce your cars greenhouse emissions? For more tips on green motoring or for assistance when buying a new or used car, visit the Green Vehicle Guide.

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