Climate Action

To date Council has taken action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and created a sustainable city by implementing active measures such as the reduction of waste to landfill, creation of bikeways, energy efficiency upgrades to corporate facilities, installation of solar panels and upgrades to residential streetlights to LED. Through these and other actions Council has already reduced its corporate greenhouse gas emissions.

Recent climate action and achievements by the City of Mitcham have been summarised in two documents: Reducing our Greenhouse Gases and Adapting to a Change in Climate.

Planned Projects

In order to deliver on the Council’s climate pledges the Council is taking action through the following projects. We expect that over time further actions will be taken in order to build a more sustainable and resilient city.

Sustainable and Smart City

  • Change all streetlights to energy efficient technology by 2030

Waste Management

  • Set targets and fund programs to reduce waste to landfill by 75% both for Council’s commercial and domestic waste streams by 2030


  • Adopt sustainable procurement and policies by October 2022 to prioritise low emission products and services and incorporate zero emission design into all new Council buildings

Renewable Energy

  • Purchase of 100% energy from renewable sources from 2023 onwards
  • Divestment from fossil fuels
  • Council will review the feasibility of battery storage in the five-year review of roadmap

Building design

  • Energy efficiency retrofits for commercial buildings


  • Replace 28 passenger vehicles with EVs over a nine-year period for a 150 tCO2e/pa reduction by 2030/31
  • Utility vehicle upgrade by 2030/31
  • Support uptake of electric vehicles through treating the infrastructure as the first action
  • Facilitate establishment of car and bike share schemes