Access and Inclusion

What is the Access and Inclusion Plan?

The Access and Inclusion Plan provides a framework and sets out Council’s commitment to advancing the City as a welcoming and inclusive place. While the Plan has a focus on outcomes for people living with disability, it is as much about ‘inclusion’ as it is about ‘access’ for every member of the community regardless of age, disability, gender, religion, nationality or if they are parents using a pram or stroller. Council can ensure that residents are equally represented and considered in all aspects of Council business as well as meeting legislative and regulatory obligations.

Why is the Plan Important?

In Mitcham approximately 20% of residents have a disability or impairment; families who use strollers and prams; and more than 11,000 people aged over 65 years.

The Plan has been developed with the assistance of residents and stakeholders including an open community consultation held March 2014, forums with groups of residents who live with disability and an online survey.

What is expected of the Plan?

The plan will focus on partnering, facilitating, advocating or delivering on specific actions and projects for the next five years such as:

  • Providing services, supports, facilities and information that are accessible for all
  • Providing people living with disability with access to equal opportunities to authentically participate in, and contribute to, our local community
  • Encouraging people living with disability to contribute to the delivery of accessible and inclusive services, supports, facilities and information through ongoing consultation and engagement
  • Working in collaboration with people living with disability, community groups, State Government, local business operators and other community stakeholders to improve access and inclusion within our community and raise awareness and understanding about living with disability.

A copy of the Access and Inclusion Plan is available at:

  • City of Mitcham Civic Centre, 131 Belair Road, Torrens Park
  • Mitcham Library, 154 Belair Road, Hawthorn
  • Blackwood Library, 215 Main Road, Blackwood

It is available in a number other formats such as audio, Braille, Easy English, large font and if requested other languages.

Listen to the Access and Inclusion Plan

Access and Inclusion Plan Audio(19138 kb)

Or can be downloaded in various formats below:

The Plan is an accessible electronic document optimised for screen readers and other assistive devices.

Access and Inclusion Plan 2015-2020 - A connected community for all(2498 kb)

Access and Inclusion Plan 2015-2020 - A connected community for all large print version(1354 kb)

Access and Inclusion Plan 2015-2020 - A connected community for all word version(2330 kb)

Access and Inclusion Plan 2015-2020 - A connected community for all easy read version(446 kb)

For information about other versions please call 8372 8888.

Access and Inclusion Policy

For more information call 8372 8888.