To improve the safety and amenity of the City’s walkways and footpaths, Council undertakes a yearly footpath program including the construction of new paths and renewal of existing paths. The program is a carefully considered priority list, resulting from a condition audit of our entire footpath network and regular maintenance.

Footpath - Before and After

What works we do

The original footpath is removed, a new base laid and then a new surface of concrete block pavers, concrete or asphalt is laid. Sometimes this involves the construction of permeable paving, a pedestrian bridge, steps and/or retaining wall.

How will you know if works are planned?

Residents directly affected by the works will receive a letter with a description of the works proposed. Just prior to the works beginning residents will receive a letter to let you know the work is about to commence with contact details.

How do we keep the community safe?

While we try to minimise the impact to residents, unfortunately some inconvenience may occur such as:

  • Footpaths will likely be closed to pedestrians during construction.
  • Access to driveways may be limited for short periods of time.
  • Generally works are undertaken between 7am and 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Pedestrians Watch Your Step

When construction works are occurring your street is a work site and everyone's safety is important so please take care and listen to construction crews - they are approachable and willing to help if you need. Alternatively, please call the contact person included in the letter.

To minimise impacts we consider: holidays; weather; fire danger season; and highly trafficked areas. Our time lines may change due to unforeseen circumstances, this makes it difficult to notify affected residents earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why did I receive a quote to upgrade my driveway?

A: During the footpath construction program Council will reconstruct existing asphalt driveways in paving during the construction of the footpath at Council's cost where the driveway (including the footpath segment through the driveway) does not exceed 40 square metres in area.

In accordance with current Council Policy (Driveways) where the driveway (including footpath segment) exceeds 40 square metres in area, the cost of additional paving work is to be met by the owner.  The driveway will only be reconstructed by Council once the property owner contribution in confirmed.  The additional works can be coordinated and arranged through Council’s paving contract at the current competitive contract rate.

If you choose not to pay for the quote you have received, your driveway crossover will not be upgraded during construction however the footpath will still be upgraded through the driveway.

Q:  I would like to widen my driveway or install a new stormwater outlet from my house to the road, how can I do these works at the same time as the construction?

A:  There is an application form for residents to apply to change their driveway or stormwater on Council land. Further information can be found here Works on Public Land.

Q:  After footpath construction has occurred can I plant vegetation in the Council verge?

A:  There is an application form for residents to apply to plant vegetation on Council’s verge. Further information can be found here Works on Public Land.

Construction Feedback

If you have recently had works completed in your street, we would love to hear from you, please complete an online survey here.