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New Road and Line Marking

In order to improve the safety of our roads, Council undertakes yearly seal preservation and road resurfacing programs.

As roads age they degrade, this process is sped up by the impacts of water, traffic and sunlight, resulting in cracking and pot holes. Seal preservation prolongs a roads life, while resurfacing occurs at the end of its life.

What works we do

Road Resurfacing Road resurfacing involves removing the existing road and relaying with new asphalt, often in multiple layers.

Seal Preservation This work involves effectively painting the road with a black bitumen based product, protecting against water and sunlight damage.

Vehicle Bridges Council owns road bridges which also require condition monitoring and upgrade at the end of their life. These works are rare but have a large impact as the old bridge needs to be closed for works to occur.

How will you know if works are planned?

Residents directly affected by the works will receive a letter with a description of the works proposed.

Just prior to the works beginning residents will receive a second letter to let you know the work is about to commence and explain what the works involve as well as include important contact details.

How do we keep the community safe?

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New Roadworks

While we try to minimise the impact to residents, unfortunately some inconvenience may occur such as:

  • The road will likely be closed during works.
  • Access to properties will be limited for short periods of time, during works hours. The road will be opened upon the completion of works each night.
  • Generally works are confined between 7am and 6pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Works do involve considerable noise, including horns to keep workers and the community safe.

When construction works are occurring your street is a work site and everyone's safety is important so please take care and listen to construction crews - they are approachable and willing to help if you need. Alternatively, please call the contact person listed in the letter.

To minimise impacts we consider: holidays; weather; fire danger season; and highly trafficked areas. Our time lines may change due to unforeseen circumstances, this makes it difficult to notify affected residents earlier.

Roads Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Bin collection has occurred and because of the works my bin was missed, should I leave it out?

A: Please ensure bins are placed out by 6am on the normal day of collection, Council works with our contractors to coordinate waste collection around construction works, however sometimes bins may be missed. Please leave your bin out and we will endeavour to pick it up the following day. If this doesn’t happen please ring Council on 8372 8888.

Q:  Some kerb was replaced before the road, but only small sections. Why wasn’t the kerb on the rest of the street replaced?

A: Council undertake routine maintenance on their kerb and watertable, we aim to coordinate this with our roadworks program to minimise impact to residents. Unfortunately we can’t fix all the kerb as this is not financially viable, our first priority is to repair the sections that will inhibit water flow along the street. If you would like some kerb repair investigated please log a Request for Services.

Q:  Why is there a constant horn blowing?

A: Council’s contractors use the horns to guide the trucks on the worksite. This is a safety issue and our contractor has investigated other methods without success. Unfortunately, even though it is disruptive, horn blowing is still the safest method.

Q:  When can I drive on the road?

A: Once the contractors have left the site for the day, the road will be open to the public again.

Construction Feedback

If you have recently had works completed in your street, we would love to hear from you, please complete an online survey here.