Craigburn Farm Western Bypass Feasibility Study

As part of the 2018/2019 State Budget, funding for a feasibility study into the Craigburn Farm Western Bypass was allocated through the Mitcham Hills Corridor Road Improvement Upgrades as a partnership project between Council and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. GTA Consultants were engaged by the project team to assess the feasibility of a western bypass or link road connection for bushfire safety and traffic movement reasons using the national industry infrastructure standard evaluation framework, the Australian Transport Assessment and Planning (ATAP) Framework.

Due to the topography of the Blackwood and Craigburn Farm area, the existing connecting road networks into the Craigburn Farm area extend deep into the estate resulting in long narrow road corridors which in the event of a major fire or other natural disaster, could hinder egress from the area if they were to become blocked or obstructed. The severity of the perceived risk and concerns during these times were echoed throughout the local community and are further exacerbated by the peak period congestion experienced along Coromandel Parade, Shepherds Hill Road and Main Road particularly at the roundabout intersection (‘Blackwood Roundabout’).

The Craigburn Farm Western Bypass Feasibility Study sought to investigate possible route options for road linkages from the Craigburn Farm area to Shepherds Hill Road and for a western bypass link road around Craigburn Farm from the Council boundary with City of Onkaparinga to Shepherds Hill Road.

Following a recent presentation held at the City of Mitcham Designated Informal Gathering on Tuesday 17 September 2019, the final report and a copy of the presentation are now made available at the following links below;

Next Steps

This study forms the initial stages for investigating the feasibility for a Western Bypass or linkage road(s) and it should be noted that the recommendations from the study are not representative of the formal positions of either the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure of the City of Mitcham.

Council staff are currently in the process of reviewing the findings and the recommendations and welcome feedback on the study from the community. Please note at this stage Council is providing an informal opportunity for the community to provide feedback, this is not a formal consultation. All feedback will be incorporated into the review prior to presenting to Full Council for consideration. If you would like to provide feedback please email

For more information, please contact Chris Haskas on (08) 8372 8888 or email