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Due to the topography of the Blackwood and Craigburn Farm area, the existing connecting road networks into the Craigburn Farm area extend deep into the estate, resulting in long narrow road corridors. If these corridors became blocked or obstructed in the event of a major fire or natural disaster, egress could be impacted. The severity of the perceived risk and concerns during these times were echoed throughout the local community and are further exacerbated by the peak period congestion experienced along Coromandel Parade, Shepherds Hill Road and Main Road particularly at the roundabout intersection (‘Blackwood Roundabout’).

As part of the 2018/2019 State Budget, funding for a feasibility study into the Craigburn Farm Western Bypass was allocated through the Mitcham Hills Corridor Road Improvement Upgrades as a partnership project between Council and the Department for Infrastructure and Transport. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended that in assessment of the size of the residential population of the area, emergency bushfire egress for Craigburn Farm residents (in particularly west of Grand Boulevard and south of Fergusson Avenue) is sufficiently accommodated via Craigburn Road and Cumming Street or Grand Boulevard to Coromandel Parade as the safest route.

At the Council meeting held on 25 August 2020, Council resolved to progress with consideration for an additional exit only road from either Star Lily Street or Verdelho Street to be opened during the declared bushfire danger season (generally 1 December to 30 April).

Conceptual design sketches and a detailed traffic assessment have been prepared to evaluate the potential impacts of these access roads and we are inviting feedback from the community.

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This consultation closed at 5pm Monday 1 February.

To view the traffic assessment and concept sketches for the proposed exit roads, please click the below links:

Hard copies of the traffic assessment, concept sketches and feedback form are available at City of Mitcham Civic Centre, Mitcham Memorial Library and Blackwood Library.

This consultation begins Thursday 3 December 2020. Feedback from the community is invited by 5pm Monday 1 February 2021.

For more information please contact Richard Tang on (08) 8372 8888.

Background information

The Craigburn Farm Western Bypass Feasibility Study sought to investigate possible route options for road linkages from the Craigburn Farm area to Shepherds Hill Road and for a western bypass link road around Craigburn Farm from the Council boundary with City of Onkaparinga to Shepherds Hill Road.