Manson Oval Master Plan

The City of Mitcham has developed a Master Plan for Manson Oval located in Bellevue Heights in consultation with the community. The Master Plans have been prepared to guide future improvements of the sites.

A Master Plan provides a comprehensive vision and plan for the future improvement and development of the oval and considers a wide range of interconnecting issues such as use, movement of cars and pedestrians, landscaping and built form. A Master Plan is not a detailed engineering or building design which comes at a later stage.

There are no timeframes currently set for implementation of this Master Plan. Implementation may occur in stages and over a number of years, and is subject to funding availability from a variety of sources which may include Council, State Government, Federal Government, peak sporting bodies, and sporting groups.

Key elements of the Master Plan include:

  • New Shared Use Building Facility that will be used by sporting groups that use the oval and courts, as well as use of the meeting rooms by other community groups
  • Oval improvements including flexible oval design to accommodate multiple junior soccer pitches, hard cricket wicket retained, AFL goal posts retained, upgraded irrigation and drainage to the oval, and new flood lights suitable for training level purposes
  • Tennis Court improvements including resurfacing of the courts, and new flood lights suitable for training level purposes
  • Carparking improvements including new in-dented angle car parking on Sargent Parade
  • Landscaping and new playground with shade structure

Manson Oval Master Plan(620 kb)

For more information please call 8372 8888 and speak to Council’s Community Sporting Facility and Recreation Officer.