Strategic Plan

Mitcham 2017 - 2027

Let us build for posterity

Council's Strategic Management Plan 2017-2027 is a shared document between the Council and our community that reinforces the importance of taking a long-term view when planning to meet the opportunities and challenges that we currently face.

The revised Strategic Management Plan has been a collaboration between Council and the community, and has drawn on information provided by the community.

The Strategic Management Plan is a long term plan for what the City of Mitcham will look like.  It is a high level document which sets a clear vision and desired objectives for the City and outlines how we will work towards achieving these. This Strategic Plan has a 10 year vision, which will provide the direction for Council’s shorter term plans and projects.

The Strategic Management Plan comprises four goal areas

  1. Accessible and Connected Community - We are an accessible, connected and engaged community
  2. Sustainable City of Mitcham - We continually sustain and improve our natural and built environments for today’s and future generations
  3. Dynamic and Prosperous Economy - Our community is economically strong and competitive
  4. Vibrant and Rich Culture - We share a vibrant and rich culture and have a strong sense of identity

Sitting beneath each goal is a set of objectives which describe what we want to achieve. The objectives will be measured on an annual basis against data collected by Council and other organisations to show how we are tracking.

This Strategic Management Plan is different than its predecessors in that it includes Strategic Initiatives – the future big ticket projects, plans, assets, programs and policy positions – they are the tangible and quantifiable things the community will see Council deliver in order to achieve the Objectives, Goals and, ultimately, the Vision of this Strategic Management Plan.

Strategic Initiatives supported by Council will be included in the Long Term Financial Plan and the timing of the initiative and the decision to fund will be determined annual through the Annual Business Plan and Budget process, and subject to further community consultation.

The Strategic Management Plan is instrumental in providing direction for Council in decision making and is referenced by a range of important plans and reports.