Mitcham 2030

Council is developing a new strategic plan ‘Mitcham 2030’ which will set the strategic focus for Council over the next ten years and inform its four Year Delivery Plan. It includes:

1 Vision

  • Describes how we want to be recognised, now and into the future.
  • Builds on the strength of the previous plan, Mitcham 2017-2027.

4 Goals

  • Outlines the future aspirations that contribute to the vision.
  • Considers the social, environmental, economic and performance functions of Council.

12 Themes

  • Set high-level outcomes that contribute to the achievement of our goals.
  • Council undertakes work in all these areas but will nominate priority themes that Council will focus additional effort on.

The Mitcham 2030 draft strategic directions are available here.

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Mitcham 2030

Council invited feedback from the community on its draft strategic management plan ‘Mitcham 2030’ during October-November 2019. Feedback from the community was presented to Council at its meeting on 10 December 2019. Council is now finalising Mitcham 2030 for final endorsement by Council anticipated in March 2020.