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Planning Mitcham's Built Future

6 November 2017
We are preparing a Spatial Vision for the City to influence Mitcham's built future.

Willow Tree Sculpture at the Mitcham Reserve

20 December 2017
We are honoured to present the Willow Tree sculpture, donated to our community by the Galatis family.

We are still recycling

25 April 2018
Many of our residents are still wondering whether it is still worth recycling.

My Local Services App

1 May 2018

We need your Help to Conserve our Precious Bushland

1 May 2018

Enrol to Vote in the 2018 Council Elections

15 May 2018
Non-Australian citizens, non-resident landlords and businesses enrol now to have your say.

How can you Reduce Junk Mail?

23 May 2018
Reducing junk mail gets clutter out of your mailbox, frees up your time, and helps protect the environment.

Become a Sponsor of the Mitcham Memorial Library

25 June 2018
The opportunity you have been waiting for… become a sponsor of the newest library in Adelaide!

Dog and Cat Registration

4 July 2018
To pay your Dog or Cat registration visit Dogs and Cats Online by 31 August.

Buy One Get One Free Offer

5 July 2018
Don't miss the Buy One Get One Free offer on 30L and 50L bags of Jeffries compost, soil and mulch products.

Free Kitchen Caddy Trial

25 July 2018
Households in St Marys, Clapham, Panorama, Pasadena and Eden Hills will receive a free kitchen caddy.

Bedford Park South

26 July 2018
Construction of Egresses from Bedford Park South onto Flinders Drive a t Wentworth and Rupert Avenue

Blackwood Community Hub

30 July 2018
Have Your Say to help shape and seek funding for the development of a new Blackwood Community Hub.

Shape You Place

6 August 2018
Council wants to hear your views on the draft Spatial Vision and Structure Plans for the City of Mitcham by Monday 10 September.

Have Your Say Fund My Neighbourhood Projects

7 August 2018
Council invites feedback on concept designs for six Fund my Neighbourhood Projects.

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