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Better Street Sweeping Services for Mitcham

We are investing more in street sweeping to keep our streets cleaner.

The City of Mitcham has just completed a major review of our street sweeping service and improvements are underway. We are investing more in street sweeping. In July we purchased our own street sweeper so we can respond faster to requests from our residents. This new sweeper sweeps over 19kms each day on a 5 week cycle and collects over 15 tonnes in the hopper from our streets each day. We also have renegotiated our street sweeping contract to provide greater visibility of which streets they are sweeping by using GPS tracking, as well as increasing the amount of street sweeping to better address seasonal leaf and berry drop. What does this mean for you? You will have cleaner streets especially during autumn and after storms. Not only will we have clean streets we will also have a better environment because street sweeping prevents tonnes of organic material being washed into our waterways.

November 2017

Watch out for our street sweeper this week in Lower Mitcham, Clapham, Torrens Park, St Marys and Pasadena. Cleaning your streets to prevent organic materials being washed into our waterways.

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