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Mr Glenn Spear

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Term Dates From 14/11/2014

February 2018

Recently there has been considerable media attention directed at Elected Members, particularly Mayors, making unnecessary overseas travel at the expense of the community. Front page news has revealed the high level of Code of Conduct claims in Local Government, with some Councils facing up to as many as seventeen current investigations at a significant cost to ratepayers. It is difficult to align cases of such unnecessary spending with the LGA’s position against rate capping.

It is impossible for me to defend the decision of some in Local Government to travel overseas at ratepayers’ expense. I have been a strong critic of such practice, and have called for detailed examination of the outcomes delivered at such “trade missions”. 

I am pleased to say that during my term as Mayor, there has been no overseas travel by any Elected Member at ratepayers expense. We have no Code of Conduct cases that have required legal cost, or other outside investigative cost. We certainly have no executives with golf club memberships! 

We find ourselves in the midst of a State Government election. I have no political association or membership and my sense of ethics would not allow me to pursue political office whilst serving as Mayor, I believe this puts me in a strong position to work with the Government of the day (whoever that may be) for the benefit of Mitcham. I look forward to working with the various State candidates to secure funding for local projects, and I will welcome the announcement of any such funding from all candidates. 

We have formulated a “wish list” of projects that require significant capital investment and are distributing that to all candidates that fall within the various seats in our City. In Mitcham we have five State seats that will be contested. On this note I am pleased to report that we are doing very well with securing Government funding already and have announced several major projects including: Springbank Road upgrade, Blackwood Roundabout, Mitcham Memorial Library and Brown Hill Creek redevelopment, Daws Road/Goodwood Road/Springbank Road intersection upgrade and numerous sporting club improvements. I have already been contacted by several State candidates with announcements of further funding to come. This is a fabulous outcome for City of Mitcham residents. 

I called a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 16 January to seek Council support to keep the Soldiers Memorial in Blackwood at its current location. In very late December I received a letter from Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) stating that the memorial will be moved. I hope that we can act decisively to change that decision. 

We now commence a new year and have budgets to set as well as many late nights and vibrant discussion as to how and where ratepayers money is spent and I look forward to continuing to serve the community in this way. 

Tracey and I take this opportunity of wishing everyone a safe and healthy new year. 

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