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Position Elected Member Gault Ward
Ward Gault Ward
Suburbs Gault Ward encompasses the suburbs of Hawthorn, Westbourne Park, Lower Mitcham, Colonel Light Gardens and part of Clapham.
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April 2018

I have been warning the community about the bad high-rise medium to high density implications of the "No Rules set of Planning Rules" which have been passed in Parliament. Every Councils Development Plan, each of which forms the rules for assessment of all building proposals, will shortly be nullified, replaced by a single State wide one. See 

Councillors have been largely excluded from Planning Assessment. The steady removal of local control of the planning process has been supported by the major parties, Labor and Liberal, so the blame for bad planning must fall on the generation of politicians and journalists of the Advertiser/Messenger Press, who are obsessed with increasing the population. 

Until 2006, most Councils had a Planning Committee which contained Councillors, in Mitcham’s case, all of them. In 2006, the new Development Assessment Panels were mandated, which could have no more than 3 Councillors, and 3 independent members and a fourth independent, the Presiding Member.

In the latest Law changes, mandated from October, 2017, only 1 Councillor may sit with 3 independents including the Presiding Member. In the event of a 2–2 tied vote, the presiding Member gets a second casting vote. The councillor may not speak to anyone in the community, nor any other Councillors, under a very strict “Code of Conduct”, so the Council and the community is largely by-passed by the process. 

Does the community want the type of high-rise intrusions into the suburbs of Adelaide that the SA Planning establishment is encouraging? I direct you to their website: 

Even the low-rise block houses shown on the first page, with large (and purely imaginary) “open space and gardened” footpath verges, are not a desirable form to impose on Mitcham’s existing suburban layout. 

The first impact of the new “open-slather” rules will hit Bedford Park Triangle, bounded by Sturt, Shepherds Hill and Main South Roads, and Flinders University, where building heights to 6 storeys (20.5m) and 10 storeys are envisioned. 

Are High-Rise Flats the answer to squeezing more people into Adelaide? 

Adelaide’s resident population in 2000 was 12,873 and in 2016 it was 23,396, an increase of 10,523 over 16 years of cranes, apartment boosterism by The Advertiser, grants and subsidies. Because 10,000 is the annual SA population increase, over 16 years the overall population increased by 160,000, so the City’s high-rise will not prevent a growing metro footprint. The additional 150,000 have largely moved into the suburbs. 

Failed High Rise at Newport Keys, West Lakes, the LeCornu site and the receivership of Datong developers of 12 storey flats, “Aria on Gouger” and 25 storey “U2 on Waymouth”, show that the imagined demand for high rise flats is not there. 

Chasing a higher population during increasing unemployment is mindless. Everyone, except a few developers, loses. Dick Smith’s, and Tony Abbott’s campaigns to reduce the immigration rate is logical to improve job availability for our younger generations. 

With higher density, where will the trees grow? 

Adelaideans do not want to live in Sydney-style congestion.

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