Todd, Yvonne

Ms Yvonne Todd

Position Elected Member of Babbage Ward
Ward Babbage Ward
Suburbs Babbage Ward encompasses the suburbs of Pasadena, Panorama, Bedford Park, St Marys and part of Clapham.
Address PO Box 21
Mitcham Shopping Centre
Torrens Park SA 5062
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Fax: 08 8372 8101
Term Dates From 14/11/2014

October 2017

I recently attended a “Smart Cities – Building the cities of tomorrow” seminar and as I listened I pondered on the future of Babbage Ward and what it will be in the future. Changes in appearance and amenity of Babbage Ward are happening very rapidly, and I believe to manage the change and influence the future, we each need to take every opportunity to inform ourselves, influence and lead change and remain ambitious and innovative, even if we are not always successful. 

A Smart City requires high speed internet (much faster than we currently have). Some local councils are focusing on improving their internet technology and creating technology hubs so that business can flourish and residents can improve their technology skills. The Flinders Precinct with the University and the Medical Centre is a major economic driver for South Australia and the City of Mitcham. I see strong benefits in Council partnering with them to ask for sharing of technology and high speed internet especially with nearby residential areas and commercial zones. 

Another aspect of a Smart City is innovative “citizen driven initiatives”. A small but similar example of using that concept is the “Fund My Neighborhood” grants for resident groups, offered by the State Government. I helped Bedford residents to prepare an application for improvements to their local park and St Marys residents have also submitted an application. I wish them luck with their citizen driven initiatives and congratulate them for putting in time and energy to think about what they would like for their community and then acting. 

The State Government Development Plan Amendment (DPA) for the Southern Innovation Area and for the Repatriation General Hospital and Surrounding Area, were open for eight weeks consultation, finishing in August. The Southern Innovation Area plan proposed three new zones for Bedford Park - Regional Activity Zone; Suburban Activity Zone; and Open Space Zone. The proposed changes allow higher density development, as well as commercial, retail and mixed use development. I was at the DPTI open day and worked with staff and residents in the affected community to ensure that the Council response to the DPA addressed resident concerns. Council advised the State Government that Council will provide more recommendations after Local Area Planning community consultation is completed. Council will start the Local Area Planning consultation process in October.

 In July I attended a presentation showing a proposed plan for the Springbank, Daws Road and Goodwood Roads intersection upgrade. Since then Council has asked the State Government to research a tram line along Goodwood Road, Fiveash Drive and Ayliffes Road, to the Tonsley precinct. This would improve public transport options through the area. There is only one chance to build the intersection fit-for-purpose for many years, so I hope all future needs are considered not just current traffic movement. 

I regularly talk to residents about many issues and I help where I can. Please call me or email me if you want to discuss Council issues.

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