Springbank Road, Clapham Upgrade

Project Update – May 2017 

The detailed design plans have now been finalised and DPTI have commenced works which are anticipated to take 3-4 months to complete (weather depending).

Springbank Road

Project Update - March 2017

The $2 million Springbank Road Upgrade Project includes the installation of a painted median, pedestrian refuges and indented parking and bus bays (providing up to 63 carparks) and is being undertaken by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) in liaison with Council. 

Council undertook consultation in February/March 2016 with over 6,000 residents on the proposed scheme including the traffic management proposals for the Clapham/Panorama local areas with general support for the proposed painted median scheme as detailed in a report presented to Council at its 14 June 2016 meeting.

Since June 2016 DPTI have been developing the detailed design for the scheme to enable construction to commence at the earliest opportunity. As part of this process DPTI have recently engaged with the local residents of Springbank Road to seek further feedback particularly in relation to the following design amendments that have been necessary since the concept design stage which formed part of the original joint DPTI/Council community consultation process early 2016:

Key modifications made include:

  • Freeling Crescent, Vancouver Avenue and Morshead Street are now proposed to be restricted to a left in and left out only arrangement.
  • Increased length of the proposed protected right turn lane from Springbank Road into Kent Road (contributing to the left in/left out restriction proposed for Vancouver Avenue).
  • Removal of two bus bays (bus stops relocated/removed) near View Street and Toronto Avenue.
  • Removal of targeted car parking bays.

DPTI have just completed consultation with residents and property owners on Springbank Road on these modifications.

A number of bus stops are to be relocated and two bus stops removed as part of rationalising the number of bus stops along Springbank Road and the fact that the bus stops must be indented as part of this proposal to ensure that traffic is not held up when a bus is stopped at a stop (currently motorists are able to pass a waiting bus adjacent the kerb). The revised distance between bus stops is generally within DPTI’s maximum distance requirements of less than 400-500 metres between stops. 

DPTI have advised that these works need to be substantially completed prior to June 2017 with construction to commence in March/April 2017. 

DPTI have also confirmed that the resealing of Springbank Road is likely to form part of the project albeit given road sealing needs to be undertaken in periods of warmer weather, the seal and associated linemarking is likely to be undertaken September/October 2017 after the winter season.

To minimise community disruption, it is proposed to bring forward Council’s asset renewals for footpaths and kerbing along Springbank Road such that the existing bitumen footpath on the southern side of the street (between Strathcona Avenue and Goodwood Road) and also the complete kerb along the extent of the works is completed as part of the indented parking scheme. This would coordinate the asset renewals within Springbank Road at the same time as the construction of the indented parking thus presenting a completed streetscape avoiding the need to revisit and cause further disruption in a few years time. 

The project will be beneficial in improving road safety, making it easier for pedestrians to cross the road with the provision of 3 additional pedestrian refuges, the provision of a full time bike lane, the installation of protected right turn lanes into side streets (which can also be used for storage for residents turning into and out of their properties).  Such a scheme has been used in numerous places around Adelaide and has proven road safety benefits in terms of reducing crash numbers. 

The following is provided which provides a summary of the amendments be considered to address the results of DPTI’s recent engagement exercise with residents of Springbank Road:

  • An additional indent carpark be provided
  • Four indent parks to be removed to retain trees at four different locations
  • Consideration of the relocation of the bus stop proposed to be relocated west of Oxford Circus to outside number 9 to avoid the possible removal of a significant tree and also place the bus stop in a more appropriate location to provide for passengers accessing the bus stop (via a pedestrian refuge)
  • Provision for cyclists to allow south-north movements from Freeling Crescent to Eliza Place
  • Minor linemarking improvements to improve delineation at Price Avenue/Springbank Road/Catherine Street
  • Resurfacing works of Springbank Road to be strongly considered as a separate project (cannot be committed by DPTI at present).

The above information was reported to Council at its meeting of 28 February 2017.

28 February 2017 Full Council Agenda.pdf(18412 kb)

DPTI can be contacted on 1300 794 880 or via email DPTI.CommunityRelations@sa.gov.au for further updates on the project. 

Project Update - November 2016

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) have been advised of Council's resolution in support of the full painted median scheme option for the Upgrade of Springbank Road.  

The Springbank Road Upgrade Project is a DPTI delivered project so detailed timeframes on when construction is likely will be subject to DPTI delivery resources and timescales. The latest update Council has received from DPTI on their progress with the scheme is that the detailed design process is currently ongoing and site works are likely to commence early in 2017. DPTI can be contacted on 1300 794 880 or via email DPTI.CommunityRelations@sa.gov.au for further updates on the project. 

In relation to potential road safety improvement works in the local Clapham area to accommodate improved safety for bus passage, Council has completed investigations and consultation into potential local parking amendments to Boothby Street/Toronto Avenue and Boothby Street/Strathcona Avenue and kerbline alterations to Boothby Street/Strathcona Avenue. Feedback is being considered and taken into account during development of detailed design for the alterations, further information will be available shortly.



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