Brook Street in Torrens Park

Following our letter you received in October 2017 regarding upgrades in your street, I wish to advise that Council is now seeking comments regarding the proposed upgrades to the kerb, footpath and pavement in Brook Street, Torrens Park from Belair Road to Kays Road. 

To enhance the streetscape, improve road safety and stormwater management it is proposed to change the kerbing alignment on both sides of Brook Street to provide a consistent road width along its entire length. The infrastructure upgrades in Brook Street include: 

  • Reconstruction of the kerbing on both sides from Belair Road to Kays Road. 
  • Extensions of the stormwater system from Belair Road into Brook Street, consisting of pipes and side entry pits. 
  • Replacing the existing asphalt footpath on the western side of Brook Street with a 2.0m wide concrete block paved footpath. 
  • Replacing the existing asphalt driveways on the western side of Brook Street with concrete block pavers. 
  • All driveway extensions on the eastern side will be reconstructed to match the existing materials. 

The current road width in Brook Street is inconsistent and the lanes are not clearly defined. The current road widths are: 

  • From Belair Road to Eli Street – 12.0m
  • From Eli Street to Kays Road – 10.8m 

What are we proposing? 

To enhance the streetscape style throughout Torrens Park, the new kerbing alignment in Brook Street will result in a consistent road width of 10.2m. This reduced road width will provide the following benefits to residents and road users: 

  • Maintain parking on both sides of the road with linemarking to delineate the 2.1m wide parking lanes. 
  • Maintain traffic flows in both directions with two clear 3.0m wide traffic lanes. 
  • The 85th percentile (85%ile) speed along Brook Street (Belair Road to Eli Street) was 53 km/hr, whilst along Brook Street (Eli Street to Kays Road) it was 60 km/hr.  The 85%ile is the speed that 85% of the motorists travel at or below. A reduction in traffic lane width has the effect of reducing the 85%ile speed between 2-5 km/hr.

What are  the benefits for the local residents?  

Residents and other road users will benefit from the creation of enhanced visual amenity of the street with: 

  • Reduced traffic speeds.
  • Wider verges.
  • Reduction in asset depreciation, renewal and maintenance costs.
  • Improved traffic safety with the introduction of a consistent road width across the Eli Street intersection.
  • Improve access to properties.
  • Promotion of street tree health with the use of non-compacted materials surrounding the trees to allow greater water infiltration.
  • Reduce the heat island effect. Urban structure and landscape cause an artificial temperature increase in cities, known as the urban heat island effect. Increased urban greenery can facilitate resilience to heat by providing shadow and evaporative cooling. 

Should you have any feedback or comments on this proposal Council would like to hear from you. Please provide any comments no later than 5pm on Monday 26 March 2018.  

The following sketch shows the proposed road layout, new kerb alignment and the lane widths.

Brook Street, Torrens Park

Concept Plans

Brook Street, Torrens Park Concept Plans

How can you provide feedback? 

A written submission is invited by 5pm Monday 26 March 2018 by completing the online feedback form below.

For further information, please contact Mr Chris Haskas, Manager Engineering by telephoning 8372 8888 or by emailing

Brook Street, Torrens Park Kerb, Footpath and Pavement Upgrade Feedback Form
Council is seeking your feedback on the proposal to reduce the road width in Brook Street, Torrens Park from Belair Road to Kays Road to enhance the visual appearance while improving road safety and stormwater management. Submissions will be received no later than 5pm on Monday 26 March 2018.

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