Saving Energy

Why is Energy Saving Important?

Many households in South Australia are concerned with rising energy prices. If the demand for energy increases, more infrastructure is required with costs passed on to households. By saving energy, the need to provide additional infrastructure can be reduced.

Additionally, Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions per person are among the highest in the developed world. By using less energy, you can help to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and help the environment.

City of Mitcham is a participating in the South Australian government’s Energy Partners Program assisting households to save energy. For more information visit

Choosing an Energy Source

Electricity in South Australia comes mainly from power stations fired by coal or natural gas. Natural gas can also be used directly for water heating, room heating and cooking. It is less expensive than electricity and produces fewer greenhouse gases. Households can also generate their own electricity from renewable sources, such as solar.


GreenPower is a joint initiative of the ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA government, managed by the NSW Department of Water and Energy. Established in 1997, GreenPower is a national accreditation program that sets stringent environmental and reporting standards for renewable electricity products offered by energy suppliers to households and businesses across Australia. The GreenPower program has put together the simple consumer information sheet "Switching to renewable energy? Get the facts". The GreenPower Website has valuable information on:

  • Renewable energy
  • Its accreditation
  • The environmental benefits of renewable energy products provide
  • Choosing a renewable energy provider
  • What consumers need to know about electricity contracts

Buying green power from your electricity retailer will support the renewable energy industry as well as reducing your personal greenhouse emissions. When you subscribe to an accredited GreenPower product, your retailer buys renewable energy on your behalf for input to the grid. Visit the GreenPower Website for more information.

Council buys 20% of its electricity requirements from an accredited GreenPower provider.


The way we travel can have a large impact on the energy we consume and the greenhouse emissions we produce. Where possible walk, cycle or catch public transport to reduce your environmental impact.

The type of car we own, and the way we drive it, can also impact on the environment. Did you know that inflating your tyres to the correct pressure will reduce your cars greenhouse emissions? For more tips on green motoring or for assistance when buying a new or used car, visit the Green Vehicle Guide.

It is also possible to offset emissions from your car. Council uses Greenfleet to offset all of its vehicles. You can purchase a carbon offset for your own vehicle on the Todae Website.

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