Protect Your Pets in Emergencies

Protect Your Pets in Emergencies

  1. Include pets in your survival plan
  2. Prepare your pet emergency kit
  3. Practice your plan

Prepare Your Pet Emergency Kit

The kit should include:

  • Registration certificates
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Transportation equipment (cages/carriers/crates/horse floats etc)
  • Cat litter and tray
  • Poo bags for dogs
  • ID tag (including pets name and your mobile phone number), collars, leads, harnesses, saddles etc
  • Food and water bowls, and at least one week’s supply of non-refrigerated food
  • Medications and clear instructions for treatment of any medical conditions
  • Blankets/bedding/nesting material
  • Toys/enrichment devices
  • Photograph of your pets (including names) in sealed plastic bags
  • Contact details for your vet, local animal shelter, local council and alternative animal accommodation facility

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