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Bins, Waste and Recycling

Bins, Waste and Recycling

The City of Mitcham provides a three-bin kerbside waste and recycling collection service to the community. A 140L blue (household) and 240L yellow (recyclables) bin are provided to residents at no cost. To use the green organics kerbside service, residents need to provide their own 240L green lid bin.

The City of Mitcham East Waste is responsible for collecting the recycling and green organics material on alternate fortnights. The City of Mitcham comes through weekly to collect the waste from the general waste bin.

There continues to be a growing awareness and effort to reuse and extract more value from valuable materials before they are sent to landfill. The City of Mitcham is committed to diverting waste to landfill, increasing resource recovery and increasing community knowledge of responsible waste management. Read more in our Waste Management Strategy.

Expand the headings below to read more about commonly asked questions. You can also download the 2021/22 Waste Calendar here.

If you need to make a request or report an issue related to Council's bins, waste or recycling services, please submit an online form located in the accordion at the top of the page.

What days are the bins collected?


Use the map below to determine your collection day or download the My Local Services App to get a friendly reminder each week. You can also download the Collection Calendar here.

Waste Calendar Map

What happens on Public Holidays and Fire Risk Days?


Bin collections will be delayed over the Easter, Christmas and New Year period.


Waste collection services will be restricted in the Mitcham Council’s bushfire prone areas during a declared Catastrophic or Extreme Fire Danger day in the Mount Lofty Ranges District. Please leave your bins out until collected as Council and East Waste will return to service the bins in the affected areas as soon as appropriate.

There is also the potential for bin collection services in the days following a Catastrophic or Extreme Fire Danger day to be affected as Council and East Waste work towards restoring the normal bin collection schedule. In these circumstances, residents and business operators should leave their bins out until collected.

My bin wasn’t picked up, what can I do?

If you’re blue bin was missed please fill out this form.

If the recycling (yellow lid) or green organics (green lid) bin was not collected please contact East Waste on 8347 5111 or email

Alternatively contact Council on 8372 8888.

My bin has been stolen, how do I get a replacement?

As the Council owns the general waste (blue lid) and recycling (yellow lid) bins, Council will replace these bins if they are stolen. A lost property report number is required in order for Council to provide a replacement bin. Visit the SAPOL website to obtain this report number. Once you have the report number, fill in this form or contact Council on 8372 8888.

If your green organics bin has been stolen, it is up to the resident to replace it.

My bin is broken or has deteriorated

For the blue bin fill in this form

For the yellow bin contact East Waste on 8347 5111 or email to arrange for your recycling bin to be repaired. If the bin cannot be repaired, East Waste will advise Council and a replacement bin will be provided.

For the green bin residents are responsible for its ongoing maintenance.

My bin was broken by the rubbish truck

For the blue bin please fill out this form or contact Council on 8372 8888

For the yellow and green bin contact East Waste on 8347 5111 email to discuss.

I would like a Green Organics Bin

City of Mitcham residents will need to provide their own 240L green organics bin. These are available for purchase at most hardware stores.

Additional suppliers of new and second-hand green lid bins are listed in the Yellow Pages and include:

19 Watervale Drive, Green Fields
(08) 8259 9700

Menzel Plastics
971 South Road, Melrose Park
(08) 8277 7444

Paramount Browns
Cavan Road, Gepps Cross
(08) 8260 6333

How can I dispose of my green organics waste?

The Lynton Green Organics Drop Off Facility is one of the options available to Mitcham residents for disposal of green organic waste. The facility is open 9am-3pm on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday of each month (excluding public holidays) as well as on select Mondays throughout the bushfire season. Read more here.

Residents can also buy their own green organics bin which Council collects fortnightly as part of its waste management service.

I would like an additional bin

Households are entitled to a blue lid general waste bin and a yellow lid recycling bin and can request additional bins for collection. An annual fee is applied for all additional bins to cover the cost associated with managing the extra material.


  • Complete an Additional Bin Application Form and email it to
  • Demonstrate a valid reason for requiring additional bin(s)
  • Acknowledge:
    • Blue Lid (Domestic Waste) and Yellow Lid (Recycling) bins will be provided by City of Mitcham and remain the property of Council
    • Green Lid (Green Organic) 240L bins will be provided by the occupier
    • Maximum of 3 bins per stream in total (Anything more indicates a commercial service is more suitable)
    • All additional waste collection services are subject to annual fee (to cover the cost associated with managing the extra material).
    • Pay invoice


The following fees apply for one additional bin per annum, pro-rated during the first year









































Council will locate the property and confirm the number of approved bins.  An assessment will be undertaken, and the applicant notified of Council’s decision.

If the application is successful, the applicant will be notified, and an invoice issued for payment along with a sticker that needs to be attached to the bin for identification purposes.

The applicant will also be notified if the application is not successful.

Why was my bin tagged?


A new project that kicked off in March aims to educate residents and reduce contamination in kerbside bins.

City of Mitcham has engaged KESAB to launch a bin tagging project which will involve visual kerbside bin inspections of selected households.

The project will involve 200 randomly chosen houses from the existing kitchen caddy trial area as this area has been identified with the highest contamination and will help to gather additional data for the food scrap program.

Based on the contamination of the bin a ‘Thank you!’ or ‘Oops!’ tag will be placed on the bin. The ‘Oops!’ tag will explain what the contamination is and aims to educate the residents for next collection.

The project, which aims to reduce our current 15.9% of kerbside contamination will include 4 weeks of visual audit and bin tags followed by a 1-2-month break then another visual audit to observe if households have changed their behaviour over time.

Bin tagging continues to be undertaken by several councils within SA with great results. In 2011 a South Australian council had a reduction of 66% in contamination and 43% increase in content in the recycling bins.

Each week a resident who receives two ‘Thank you!’ tags will be randomly chosen to receive a $50 Visa gift card.

It should be noted that privacy will be protected at all times. The information recorded will not have any personal details on it. This information will only be used at Council for educational reasons and will not identify the individual household or person.

For more information view our FAQs.