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Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a result of people dumping unwanted items such as couches, mattresses, furniture, TVs and tyres in front of houses, alongside roads, on reserves and in our creeks.

Illegal dumping poses risks to the health and safety of our community as well as to our environment. It is estimated to cost rate payers over $140,000 every year to investigate and clean up illegal dumping.

Did you know that many of these items can be collected through Council’s hard waste collection service?

Householders in Mitcham are entitled to a hard waste collection each year with a maximum waiting period of 4 weeks. Residents can make a booking by contacting East Waste:

While some items such as electronic waste, tyres and hazardous waste are not accepted in the hard waste collection service there are options to dispose of these in the right way. For example, residents can recycle electronic waste such as TVs and computers for free at various locations across Adelaide.

Illegal dumping complaints

Anyone who suspects or witnesses illegal dumping is encouraged to contact Council. Illegal dumping is an offence and on the spot fines up to $1,000 can apply if anyone is found to be dumping illegally. Council can be contacted on 8372 8888 or

We are all responsible for the waste we generate, so let’s keep our city looking good.