Food Safety Rating Scheme

Food Safety Rating Scheme

The Food Safety Rating Scheme provides information about the food safety of local businesses through a star rating to allow residents to make informed choices about where they decide to purchase food. 

Food business are rated based on their compliance with food safety laws to help customers choose where to buy food. The star rating is calculated using the results of routine inspections undertaken by Mitcham Council’s Environmental Health Officers who have undergone specific training. 

In South Australia the scheme is voluntary and a participating business will display a certificate in the store.

Businesses are awarded a rating of up to five stars on a certificate.

5 stars - Excellent
4 stars - Very Good
3 stars - Good

Businesses that do not meet food laws in important areas or many minor areas are not awarded a certificate.

Not all food businesses are part of the scheme. Businesses that may take part include those who sell food that is normally consumed at the time of purchase or soon after, such as:

  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • take-aways
  • bakeries selling ready-to-eat processed food, such as hot pies.

For more information call 8372 8816 or visit SA Health’s website