Tenders, Contracts and Procurement

Our Procurement Process

Procurement is the process by which Council acquires property, goods, works or services.

Procurement principles that underpin procurement activities at the City of Mitcham are:

  • Enhancing value for money through fair and competitive processes
  • Promoting the use of resources in an efficient, effective and ethical manner
  • Making decisions with probity, accountability and transparency
  • Advancing and/or working within Council’s economic, social and environmental policies
  • Providing reasonable opportunity to local businesses
  • Appropriately managing risk
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation

Council manages procurement by means of different avenues such as:

  • Direct Purchasing
  • Quotations
  • RFQ (Request for Quotations)
  • REOI (Requests for Expressions of Interest)
  • RFT (Request for Tenders)
  • Panel Contracts
  • Strategic Alliances (Through existing arrangements established by Local Government Association and others)

Procurement Policy

Please click here to view City of Mitcham's Procurement Policy.

Current Tenders

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The SA Tenders and Contracts website lists South Australian State and Local Government public tenders. You will also find other business leads, such as:

  • Requests for proposals
  • Limited or selected tenders
  • Expressions of interest
  • Registrations of interest.

Current tenders by the City of Mitcham are listed on Tenders SA can be found at this link.

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Vendor Panel

VendorPanel is used by City of Mitcham as a means to obtain and analyse quotes from a pre-qualified panel of suppliers. City of Mitcham supplier panels are established after an open process in the market to pre-qualify suppliers. A supplier may tender to these opportunities on SA Tenders and Contracts website when available. VendorPanel can also be used by suppliers to get notified of opportunities from other enterprise buyers. Suppliers please click here to find more information.