Living Well

The Cities of Unley and Mitcham have committed to a regional approach to planning for the public health and wellbeing of their communities. Living Well sets directions for promoting community health in the region. The Plan considers Council functions which influence health and the role of Local Government as the local Public Health Authority under the South Australian Public Health Act 2011.

This Plan seeks to recognise public health issues for both Cities and the opportunities for collaboratively promoting community wellbeing. The Plan also acknowledges the characteristics and strengths of Unley and Mitcham.

Living Well is the first Regional Public Health Plan developed in response to the planning requirements of the SA Public Health Act 2011. Both the Cities of Unley and Mitcham already undertake a range of initiatives which support community health and wellbeing. This Plan seeks to recognise and build upon existing Council achievements and set priorities for the next five years having regard to the State Public Health Plan and regional attributes.

Unley Mitcham Living Well Plan(4185 kb)

Unley Mitcham LGPHA(3922 kb)

Living Well Review 2016-2018(963 kb)