Parking Notice Appeals

The Expiation of Offences Act 1996 and Australian Road Rules include provisions that allow an expiation notice to be withdrawn if certain circumstances exist or the offence may be considered trifling (as defined by the Act).

If you believe you have good reason to contest an expiation notice, please complete and submit this form along with all supporting evidence. Upon receipt of your appeal, the expiation notice will be suspended pending an investigation. You will be advised by Council of the outcome once a decision has been made.

Please note that Council cannot consider an appeal once the matter has been transferred to the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit, which occurs once the due date on the reminder notice has expired. Any enquiries after this stage will need to be referred to the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit by phoning 1800 659 538. You may also use the following form to Request a Review of Parking Expiation.

To view the photo of the infringement please complete the following form Request a Photo from your Parking Expiation.