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Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping Keeps our City Clean

Did you know that street sweeping not only keeps our streets looking good but it also keeps waste and debris out of our storm water system and keeps our community safe?

Our street sweeping trucks drive by your street approximately every five weeks to keep the gutters clean. This not only keeps our streets looking clean and tidy it also helps protect our environment by removing leaf litter and debris before they enter the stormwater system. It also reduces the chance of flooding in the event of heavy rain and importantly clean streets ensure our roads are safe for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Each year Council collects on average 1,300 tonnes of waste from our streets. Two street sweepers cover approximately 900 kilometres across the City every five weeks. Council also runs seasonal programs as required when there is increased leaf and berry fall. During seasonal programs an extra sweeper and staff member using a hand blower to clear footpaths and verges is introduced to sweep 115 kilometres of roads every two weeks.

At times impacts from weather can slow us down. Extremely hot weather can result in an increase in trees dropping their leaves slowing our sweepers down.

Our sweepers also have to stop to spread materials that have been placed into piles. While we appreciate the efforts of residents to pile leaf litter our street sweepers cannot pick up these piles. Leaving the leaf litter spread in the gutter helps keep our sweepers moving.

Our street sweeping programs are seasonally adjusted to effectively manage the level of risk in streets where issues are present generally relating to street tree litter.

Read more about our Street Sweeping Program in Mitcham Community News.

Details about our seasonal programs - Autumn Leaf program, White Cedar program and Summer Leaf program between January are available below.

Autumn Leaf

The Autumn Leaf street sweeping program focuses on streets lined with deciduous trees.

Leaf matter on roads and footpaths are blown and swept on a fortnightly basis for a ten week period, typically between the months of April to June.

Take a closer look here.

Autumn Leaf Program

Clapham Clarence Gardens 
Emily AvenueMurray Street to Austin StreetAlbert StreetWinston Avenue to South Road
Windsor AvenueHastings Road to Maud Street  
  Daw Park 
Colonel Light Gardens Ayers Avenue Winston Avenue to Goodwood Road
Bedford SquareFlinders Avenue to Lincoln AvenueRoseberry Street Ormond Street to Richmond Avenue
 Lincoln Avenue to Lancaster Avenue  
 Lancaster Avenue to Flinders Avenue Hawthorn 
East ParkwaySalisbury Court to Prince George ParadeClifton StreetCross Road to George Street
Flinders AvenueGrange Road to Salisbury CourtDenning StreetCross Road to Devonshire Street
 Salisbury Court to Bedford SquareDevonshire StreetKent Street to Belair Road
Light PlaceGoodwood Road to Light PlaceDurdin RoadLlewelyn Terrace to Frimley Grove
Portland PlaceWest Parkway to Flinders AvenueHampton StreetBelair Road to Hilda Terrace
Prince George ParadeFreeling Court to View StreetHilda TerraceCross Road to end
The StrandPiccadilly Crescent to Freeling CourtKent StreetCross Road to Devonshire Street
  William StreetCross Road to George Street
Balham AvenueBelair Road to endLower Mitcham 
East ParadeTruro Avenue to Princes RoadButler AvenueHay Street to Murray Street
Elphyn RoadPrinces Road to Hill StreetCatherine StreetHays Street to Kinross Avenue
Halsbury AvenueBelair Road to endDenman TerraceRosemont Street to Murray Street
Hill StreetElphyn Road to John StreetHay StreetMitcham Avenue to Catherine Street
Kyre AvenueRugby Street to endKinross AvenueCatherine Street to end
Princes RoadBelair Road to Ayr AvenueMurray StreetView Street to Price Avenue
Rugby StreetCross Road to North Parade  
Seafield AvenueBelair Road to endMitcham 
   Evans AvenueCollege Oval/Reserve to Old Belair Road
Melrose Park   
Edward StreetWinston Avenue to South RoadNetherby/Mitcham 
Leonard StreetPrice Street to Swift AvenueBirdwood Street Kitchener Avenue to Princes Road
Maria StreetEdward Street to Price Street  
Price StreetWinston Avenue to South Road St Marys 
Walter StreetEdward Street to endAlfred StreetWalsh Avenue to Tobrouk Avenue
Wheaton RoadKegworth Road to Kingston AvenueBailey StreetMerriton Avenue to Walsh Avenue
Winston AvenueSommerset Avenue to Morgan AvenueCrystal AvenueRagless Street to Styles Avenue
  Merriton AvenueSouth Road to Thurles Street
Torrens Park Styles AvenueMerriton Avenue to Walsh Avenue
Ayr AvenuePrinces Road to Belair RoadWalsh AvenueBailey Street to Alfred Street
Fife AvenueBelair Road to Balkissoch Road  
Muggs Hill RoadAlbert Street to Evans AvenueWestbourne Park 
  Carlisle RoadGoodwood Road to Sussex Terrace
Urrbrae Marlborough RoadGoodwood Road to Sussex Terrace
Birksgate DriveCross Road dead end   

White Cedar

The White Cedar street sweeping program focuses on streets lined with trees that drop an excessive amount of berries.

Roads and footpaths are blown and swept on a fortnightly basis for an eight week period, typically between mid-September and mid-October.

Take a closer look here.

White Cedar

Colonel Light Gardens Hawthorn 
Dorset AvenueMurray Street to Sturt AvenueDenning StreetCross Road to Devonshire Street
East ParkwayMurray Street to Sturt AvenueDevonshire StreetDenning Street to Belair Road
Grange RoadGoodwood Road to Sussex TerraceDurdin RoadLlewelyn Terrace to Frimley Grove
Light PlaceGoodwood Road to Light SquareGrange RoadSussex Terrace to Belair Road
Light PlaceWhole SquareHampton StreetBelair Road to Hilda Terrace
Penang AvenueWinston Avenue to Goodwood RoadJeffery StreetAngas Road to Grange Road
Rozells AvenueHope Street to Light PlaceKent StreetCross Road to George Street
West ParkwayDoncaster Avenue to end  
  Westbourne Park 
Kingswood Carlisle RoadGoodwood Road to Sussex Terrace
Balham AvenueBelair Road to endMarlborough RoadGoodwood Road to Sussex Terrace
Halsbury AvenueBelair Road to endRichmond RoadGoodwood Road to Sussex Terrace
Kyre AvenueRugby Street to end  
Rugby Street Cross Road to Tutt Avenue  
Seafield AvenueBelair Road to end  

Summer Leaf

The Summer Leaf street sweeping program focuses on streets lined with trees that have been identified as producing excessive leaf fall.

Leaf matter on roads and footpaths are blown and swept on a fortnightly basis for a ten week period, typically between the months of December to February.

For a closer look click here.

Summer Leaf Program

Blackwood Blackwood/Coromandel Valley 
Brigalow AvenueCoromandel Parade to Brighton ParadeWinns RoadCoromandel Parade to Main Road
Brighton ParadeShepherds Hill Road to Cumming Street  
Chapman StreetWaite Street to Main RoadHawthorndene 
Cumming StreetTrevor Terrace to Coromandel ParadeDarwin AvenueMyrtle Road to Acheron Avenue
Edward StreetWaite Street to Main RoadMeadow AvenueDeneland Drive to Rankeys Hill Road
Gladstone RoadShepherds Hill Road to Brigalow AvenuePanorama AvenueOrchard Grove to Rankeys Hill Road
Main RoadStirling Road to Shepherds Hill RoadSuffolk RoadMyrtle Road to Second Track past Turners Avenue 
Shepherds Hill RoadBrighton Parade to Main RoadSurrey StreetSturt Avenue to Blackwood Forest Reserve
Waite StreetChapman Street to Shepherds Hill RoadTurners AvenueSuffolk Road to Main Road
Winns RoadCoromandel Parade to Main Road  
Young StreetWaite Street to Main Road  
Blackwood/Coromandel Valley/Craigburn Farm   
Coromandel ParadeShepherds Hill Road to past Craiglee Drive  

Better Street Sweeping for Mitcham

The City of Mitcham has completed a major review of our street sweeping service and improvements are underway. We are investing more in street sweeping. In July 2017 we purchased our own street sweeper so we can respond faster to requests from our residents. This new sweeper sweeps over 19 kilometres each day on a 5 week cycle and collects over 15 tonnes in the hopper from our streets each day. We also have renegotiated our street sweeping contract to provide greater visibility of which streets they are sweeping by using GPS tracking, as well as increasing the amount of street sweeping to better address seasonal leaf and berry drop. What does this mean for you? You will have cleaner streets especially during autumn and after storms. Not only will we have clean streets we will also have a better environment because street sweeping prevents tonnes of organic material being washed into our waterways.