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Maintenance of trees in streets and on reserves is a core function of Council. Maintenance typically includes pruning and pest treatment of mature trees and watering, formative pruning and staking of saplings.

Council employs qualified arborists who are trained to meet most maintenance requirements however contractors are sometimes used when maintenance work is beyond the capacity of staff, or if specialist skills are required.

Council’s tree policy guides that trees are to be preserved where this is reasonably achievable, though on occasion tree removal may be necessary. Trees may be removed when they die or when they are damaged and present unacceptable risk which cannot be managed in any other reasonable way.

Removal of any tree over five metres in height requires a decision of Full Council unless it is dead, is a declared pest species, presents an immediate and unacceptable risk, or is diseased and treatment is not feasible. Regulated or significant trees may require further approvals.

Residents are not authorised to prune or remove street or reserve trees.

If you need to make a request or report an issue related to Council's tree services, please submit an online form located in the accordion at the top of the page.