Domestic Hard Waste Collection

The City of Mitcham provides one free pre-booked hard waste collection service for all householders area each financial year.

To BookHard Waste Flyer

Residents wanting a hard waste collection can contact East Waste to pre-book their collection:

Pickup will be within four weeks of booking the service.

Please do not put your hard waste out once you have a collection date. You will be asked to remove their hard waste from the kerb if its out too early.

Sort Your Waste

A maximum of two cubic metres will be collected from each household. To calculate cubic metres, multiply length x width x height. For example: 2m x 1m x 1m = 2 cubic metres.

The hard waste brochure lists items accepted for collection.

Place your Waste out for Collection

All items can be placed on the kerbside the day before your collection. Identify your items as hard waste by using the sticker provided to you by East Waste. Your hard waste will be collected after 7am on your collection day.

Please ensure the hard waste outside your property is placed and maintained safely until collected - even if it is moved by other people.

If you live in the Higher Fire Risk Area and your collection day coincides with an Extreme or Catastrophic fire danger rating day, your collection will be postponed until the next appropriate day.

Remember - illegal dumping is an offence and expiations may be issued under the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act should materials be placed out for collection too early.

Further Information

Click here for information on e-waste disposal including TVs and computers.

For information on the safe disposal of hazardous material contact Green Industries SA on 1300 137 118 or visit

For all other waste disposal enquiries contact Mitcham Council on 8372 8888 or email