Shape Your Place

Thank you for your feedback!

The Shape Your Place! community engagement has now concluded.  Your feedback is helping us to understand what you want the future of our Council area to be. This, in turn, will help us negotiate with the State Government on how the new Planning and Design Code will be applied to our Council area.

The draft Shape Your Place! Community Engagement Summary Report provides an overview of the community engagement, including your feedback.  The draft Engagement Summary Report will be presented to Full Council on Tuesday, 11 December 2018 - a copy of the report to Council can be found here.

Spatial Vision and Key Precinct Structure Plans

To help explain this project, we have produced an interactive information brochure (below).  The links to the right hand side of this page (under the heading 'Build and Develop') also contain information about the various aspects of the project.  

Shape Your Place

Download a copy of Shape Your Place(49333 kb)

* Note that Adobe Flash Player is required to access the interactive elements of this brochure.

** A transcript of the voice recordings in the interactive brochure can be downloaded here.

Council wants to make very clear to the community upfront that the ideas in the 'Shape Your Place' project do not have any legal effect. They represent concepts and ideas only at this stage and may change after community consultation. There is no guarantee that the State Government will agree to all or any of the plans or ideas. Therefore they cannot be relied upon for the purposes of future development proposals, land valuation processes and future development potential for any land depicted herein. The proposed public space works are also conceptual only and are not yet funded. All conceptual plans and ideas presented as part of the 'Shape Your place' project are for the purpose of seeking the views and opinions of the community.


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